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Just wondering if anyone has noticed this -


I have an early 2011 MacBookPro 17" running Lion (OSX 10.7.3)


Anytime I plug *anything* into the Thunderbolt port, the temperature jumps up by 15C-20C.


To be specific, if I plug a "DisplayPort->HDMI adpater" in even if it's not connected to an actual display the temparature increases.


SMC reset and EFI updates don't seem to help resolve the problem.



some users have reported that "InsomniaT" is sometimes the cause of the problem, however I don't have this sofware installed.


other posts suggest that the logic board needs to be replaced, which seems rather severe.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Early 2011 17"