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Wasn't quite sure where this question should be mapped... so I created a new one.


Currently using Aperture on my MBP, and I set the iOS syncing rule to get the photo from Aperture libraries... Also, thinking about getting iPhoto on my iOS devices. Would iPhoto somehow affect this syncing rule?? Should I be concerned about this? Or syncing is comepletely separate from having iPhoto on my iOS devices? Just to make sure before I purchase the app and mess this up.



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    iPhoto for iOS only looks at the images you sync from your computer to your iOS device.  It does not have the ability to alter the images / file structure in any way that will feed back into Aperture.


    Should you make an edit to an image in iPhoto for iOS you will need to share the image to your devices camera roll.  This will make the image show up in Aperture as an item to be imported (just as if you had taken a picture with the camera).


    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for your reply!


    So let me understand this... iPhoto won't mess up my syncing but only view and edit the photo I already synced or took from the phone. But if i need to pass any of the edited photo back to my mac, i should drop that pictures into camera roll event.


    Thanks very much.

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    You got it.