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I can perform a basic log in on iTunes. I can authorize my laptop. But when I click the Account link and re-enter my password, iTunes won't accept it. I tried to access my Account page on my friend's desktop -which wasn't even authorized- and I got in right away. I have exchanged more e-mails in the past 4 weeks  with iTunes Support than I ever have with my own mother, and this issue is still giving me teeth-grinding fits. At this point I can't renew paid app subscriptions or purchase paid apps from either my laptop or my phone. It seems like it might have started after I installed the last iTunes update, but I'm not sure.

I have:

-Completely un and re-installed iTunes

-Had my password reset by Tech Support more times than I can count

-Had my laptop de-authorized by Support and re-authorized it

and this issue persists.

I haven't met a computer problem that made me want to put my head through a wall this badly since I owned a DELL!!


Ideas? Thoughts? Anyone...?