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BACKGROUND:  When I'm home, using my iPhone4 and MacPro/iTunes library, I've been watching video on my iPhone via the Home Sharing feature of the said devices.  I have lots of videos in my iTunes library, so I've set up lots of video playlists to help organize stuff, and also to more quickly zone in on the video I want to watch from my iPhone and AppleTV.   So here's the process I go through when I want to watch a video on my iPhone:  go into the Music app, then hit the "More..." selection (along the bottom right of screen), then hit the "Shared" selection, then hit the "Bob's iTunes Library" selection, then hit the "Playlists" selection (along the bottom left of screen), then find/select the video playlist of choice, then find/select the video of choice, then start watching.  Aside from the occasional spontaneous disconnect issue I've been having lately, it all works like a charm.


(NOTE:  I tried the same procedure using the Videos app on my iPhone, but there doesn't seem to be a way to see the video playlists in this app.)


TO THE PRESENT:  So when I got my shiny new iPad3 this Monday, the very first thing I did was try to replicate this process on the iPad3. Because both the Videos app and the Music app look very different on the iPad vs their iPhone counterparts, I tried this using the Videos app first, but ran into the same problem as on the iPhone - there's no way (as far as I can tell) to view/access the video playlists in this app – all I see are icons, one for each video.   I then tried the Music app, and steps are identical to the iPhone version.    I got as far as getting to see my playlists, and then selecting the video playlist of interest, but once there, no videos are in the playlist, only a single song(??).   In fact, none of the video playlists have any video files in them (some have song tracks??).