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Okay friends,


I have a May 2008 MacBook (black).  I recently installed Lion, and migrated a user from a TimeMachine backup.  I went to start it up again and now it won't power on at all.  I've tried various key combinations.  I've left it overnight.  Taken the battery out.  Reseated the batter.  Nada.




Todd Peperkorn   

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 6gb memory, 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo
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    HI Todd,


    Sorry didn't see this so thanks for the pointer.


    Since you say the MacBook won't start at all, and you get a normal indication from the MagSafe connector, you could have a failure in the charging circuit.  If an SMC reset hasn't done anything, as discussed over in the other dialogue, but you get some of the battery lights coming on, it sounds like a circuit failure or perhaps a failure in the internal hard drive.


    Do you have an external hard drive that you used for backups that has a bootable copy of Mac OS X?  Since you had this after installing Lion, do you still have the install disks from the prior Mac OS X version?


    If a bootable hard drive, start up holding the option key and it should show you that drive.


    If the install disk, startup holding the C key so you boot to that disk.


    If none of these work and you get no start up at all, then it sounds like a failure somewhere in the computer, possible logic board.


    Then the best option would be a visit to an Apple genius bar and have the techs run some diagnostics.



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    Yeah I'm getting nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I'm going to bring it into the Genius Bar.  I expect it is the logic board.  Bummer.  Not worth getting a new one I don't think.

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    Wait and see what the techs say, could be a pretty easy fix, or a logic board.  Those aren't terribly expensive so wait and see.  Unfortunately, clicking on Support in the upper right, then the Mac group does not turn up repair costs like you get for iPads and iPods...so no help from there on what it would cost.


    Good luck, make an appointment so you don't have to stand around and wait for a genius to get free to help you.


    Post back the result, would like to hear what has failed...oh, and take the charger along with you so they have everyhing there to test.