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Why is it so complicated to delete a photograph from an I Pad?

New IPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    It's not complicated. It may be more work than you want to go though - which I can understand - but it's not complicated.


    If the photos are on the iPad as a result of a sync - you remove them with a subsequent sync by unchecking the albums or folder that you want to remove and then you sync again. If the photos are saved from emails, websites or the Camera Roll, using the trash can icon lets you delete photos or you can use the arrow icon in thumbnail view and select more than one photo and delete them that way

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    Killerbug wrote:


    Why is it so complicated to delete a photograph from an I Pad?

    Depends upon what you mean by complicated.  For deleting all or a huge number using iTunes sync is probably the best--as has been stated by Demo.


    I'll expand a bit on what Demo said about deleting multiple images from the thumbnail view.


    If you're needing to delete a few it isn't complicated at all using the Photos app.  Get to the page where the photo is, be it the Photos tab, Photo Stream tab, Albums tab, Places tab, etc., and press the little rectangle with the arrow coming out of it--upper right hand corner of display.  Then touch each photo or photos you wish to delete.  When touched the photo becomes checked.  Touching it again will uncheck it.  As long as at least one photo is checked the red delete button will be active.  When you press the red button all checked images will be deleted.


    If you are aware of all of that and still think it is complicated then I can only say we have a difference of opinion as to what constitutes 'complicated'.

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    I agree it is too complicated.

    No red delete button on my iPad in the Photo app, and that was after realising I couldn't delete it from iPhoto itself so had to find that photo in the Photo app.

    And yes I followed those instructions above, which is what I was doing anyway, but only Share and Copy buttons become active. I can't even see a greyed out Delete button?

    I have the latest iOS and 3rd gen iPad...

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    How did you get the photos on the iPad? If they were synced you can't delete them, you have to remove them in iTunes via syncing (as described above)

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    Yup I've just figured out that I can't delete it directly off there, after reading through more posts

    So I've got to write down what photo it was I wanted to delete, then wait until I get home and delete that photo from my laptop and then sync. Eesh! Why so difficult! I figured it'd be a 2-way sync so changes on the iPad would be done on the laptop. That would probably make too much sense?

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    That's how syncing works. You can delete shots from photo stream or those imported to the iPad via the camera connection kit, attachments, the web etc.