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Woke up this morning to find my G5 was powerless (ie no power).  It is always either awake or sleeping, so thought perhaps there had been a minor power outtage overnight... but it would not turn back on.


(In this case, it had been awake, running "Transmission".  Heard it "ding" to announce finishing a file at about 1am...)


I tried unplugging everything except for the 17" studio display (only had a firewire cable going to a video camera, ethernet cable coming from Airport Extreme Base Station, and USB hard drive attached), and tried again, but still wouldn't turn on.


What do I try next...?  CUDA switch? (Do these machines use one?)






PowerMac 2004 dual 1.8GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 1.25GHz RAM, 2x 1TB WD Green Drives, Stock Vid Card