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I recently added a second Apple TV 2 and the first Time Capsule in the house.  I had no problem connecting the TC to the FiOS network by setting up as a bridge.  My MacBook Pro, both Apple TV 2's, and Airport Express are connected to the Time Capsule network which is forwarding the internet perfectly fine.  I've been able to use Netflix and AirPlay with no problems on any devices.  Today I attempted to buy a movie on iTunes, and received an error message basically stating that I couldn't purchase on the current network, and I had to be on a Wifi net or use my computer.  Thought that was odd since I was on a wifi net, and also using my computer.  I switched the computer over to the FiOS net, and the purchase went through fine.  Now I went to watch a different movie on the Apple TV in the Living Room and the same message popped up, switched networks again, but this time no go.  I attempted running a network test, and the result was that the TV couldn't connect to Apple.


I'm not tech savvy at all, I was amazed when my Time Capsule worked the first time I plugged it in w/o having to make any phone calls!  I'm not understanding what is actually going on here.  If the internet is working properly and each device is talking to each other, then wouldn't that mean the network is good to go?  Everything has worked the way it should've up until the point I tried using the iTunes Store....

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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I just spoke with Apple Support, they are currently having a problem, they don't know what is causing it. It seems to be on all platforms and the problem only occurs when your try to download anything over 15mb. They do not have a ETA yet for when this problems gets resolved...

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