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Hello Forum!


This is my first posting on this site, so pardon me if I am not aware of protocol or procedure.  My daughter gave me a MacBook notebook that apparently was water damaged and ceased to operate thinking I might be able to get it operating again (she has since replaced it with a more current Mac).  I removed the back case (8 screws) and was surprised to see a sparkling clean interior with no apparent damage of any kind.  I have worked on many water damaged PCs before, and was expecting the usual evidence of water damage like rusted components and connections.  But this unit was as clean and corrosion free as a whistle!


However, what did surprise me was a missing hard drive, or I should say that I was not able to find a hard drive.  Rather, there was a square shaped hole and a multi-pinned connector where a hard drive would logically be found.  This hole or mount location is right beside the battery at the right side bottom of the interior of the notebook.  The DDR memory modules are located immediately above the hole.  I have been looking for a schematic layout of the MacBook but haven't found it yet.


I understand the MacBook could be ordered with three different capacity hard drives, and therefore I should be able to find one for sale at a Mac dealer or repair facility.


I did not receive any of the other equipment that was originally supplied with the unit such as the power cord and/or charger.  I would also need to install the appropriate operating system.


I would appreciate any input or assistance getting this unit back to operational condition.  I am on a disability pension, and bucks are tight, so any cost saving suggestions would also be helpful.


Thanks in advance!