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Will the iMac 10.1 accomidate a 3TB HDD? Will it be recognized once installed?

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8 (41,205 points)

    Looks like we'll have to live with only eight billion gigabytes

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    I'm referring to the iMac build version 10.1, not the OSx version.....

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    Thanks, I understood you to mean the iMac10,1 model from 2009.


    Apple only specifies drives that were available at the time the computer was manufactured since that's all they can test, but I can think of no reason a 3 GB HDD would not work. Or an eight billion GB HDD for that matter.

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    I agree. But we have all heard the horror stories surrounding HDD upgrades. I'm 90% sure that my iMac WILL recognize the FULL 3TB HDD once installed.

    I'm basically seeking conformation that all will go smoothly, since the 3TB HDD isn't recognized through the external USB universal drive adapter. I'm hoping that once installed, it will be readily recognized and initialized.

    I was hoping to hear form a 1st person installer of a 3 TB HDD into the iMac 10.1., since I only want to crack open the iMac once.

    Thank you both for your input.

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    OK, It's now about 23 hours later. I want to update my progress.

    The actual physical 3 TB HDD swap-out with the original 1 TB HDD was a lot easier than I expected. I decided to plow ahead and see what happens after the installation and rebooting.

    I put the Snow Leopard OS install disk in and booted up.


    This was the scary part as it took nearly 7 minutes for the OS Install disk to be recognized and another 2 minutes for the new HDD to be recognized. (I actually broke sweat waiting).


    Once into the install mode, I went straight to the disk utility and formatted the new HDD. Once formatted, the OS install only took about 17 minutes. I was overwhelmingly releaved!


    Ok, install done, system rebooted, now went to Time Machine back-up to restore my iMac to it's pre HDD swap configuration.



    My advice is just go for it, but be aware that waiting for the system to recognized the new configuration is excruciatingly painfully slow. But it WILL recognize it.

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    Thanks for the update.


    May I ask, what model HDD did you buy?

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    You're welcome!

    I used the Seagate Barracuda (7200 rpm).