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does anybody have safari issues like not responding to links

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Yes, I m experiencing the same problem.


    For instances, trying the link http://elpais.com/


    However, via Firefox there is no problem at all.

    I noticed via the activity monitor screen that the process "Safari Web content" is taking 100% CPU time and most of the memmory available until it crashes.

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    I am having the same issue..and a lot of other issues.


    Not able to see javascript on certain pages. Yes..also pages are not loading all the content from databases. This will make me put safari in the garbage.


    I haven't updated my other macs and I am so glad I didn't!

  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,559 points)

    Please post a link to a page you're having trouble with.

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    Hi! Davis.


    Please, as per above, use http://el pais.com/





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    Oop! I Am sorry, please, correct it!!





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    I am seeing some troublesome issues with Safari lately. One that has come up has been a failure to load web forms properly, showing only blank, inaccessable fields (at Miblood.org - https://donate.miblood.org/portal/). I contacted the web master & he was able to get this work without problem, also using Mac (OS unknown, Safari version unknown (mine's up to date)).  I had to go to Opera to use the forms. This issue isn't totally new to me. I have seen other web pages for user forums that would not load properly.


    NOW - I am experiencing problems with Safari when trying to fill in dates on calendar fields, with financial institutions like CUs and private businesses. The calendar mini-window pops out but shows incorrect information, like the current month being January (same for all other months!) and all days showing as Sunday. Then nothing will work to satisfy the form.


    I have reset Safari & cleared the cache, checked settings for Java & so forth. Nothing stands out as a possible cause/explanation. (Not that I would really know!)


    Lately, I've been thinking how my Mac experience is starting to resemble the Windows problems that I thought I left behind.

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    You may find some additional info at the link:


    Safari cannot access this website, but firefox!


    There is a solution disabling Javascripts at Safar's Preferences. By doing that way I can reach access to the link I had provided to you early today. However, I do not know what the limitations will be after disabling Javascripts.



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    Disabling Javascripts makes the sites unusable. They (the sites I am having problems with (financial institutions & so forth)) require Javascript to use their pages. Disabling the Javascripting just blocks access totally.


    Strangely, I do not seem to be having these issues with Opera.

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    I did find the solution -at least for my case-

    Please, read the following link:




    All you have to do is to uncheck the 32 bit mode at Safari by going to the App folder, mark Safari and do "Cmd i". At the infomration window uncheck 32 bit mode, leaving by default 64 bit mode


    It worked out for me. Now I can reach access to the link specified early this morning.



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    Yep. This worked for me as well.


    Safari was set to 32 bit mode. How it got there is a mystery to me. I have not seen this problem ever before & I update to the latest version of Safari quite a while ago - without any noticeable problems. I did not set it to 32 bit.


    Anyway, it worked. Thanks!

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    Since the update to Maverick.

    in Safari no links within a page works. Many other problems like the Tab-button does not work, i can only work with 1 pageview. no problem in Chrome.

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    Safari works again. Problem was Glims. After an update of Glims Safari is o.k.