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6 employees (6 iPads, 5 iPhones) at an architectural firm

Need cloud-syncing of large PDF libraries of drawings and CAD files for use in the field

Office server is Windows Server 2003 (currently locked-down to local LAN & wi-fi only, no external access (boss' fear of security))

Office workstations are Windows-only (I've got Macs at home)


We have just been gifted iPads (personally-owned) to use for work/play and I received the tasks of setup & deployment.  I would prefer to implement a controlled system to limit my headaches, this isn't entirely possible because these iPads were given as personal gifts and the employees would raise ****.  After downloading/researching the Apple Configurator, it seems like it creates too much of a locked system - so end-users couldn't have their personal Apple IDs on their devices and buy/configure their personal stuff while being managed (work-purchased apps and PDF/CAD deployment) by me.  Correct me if I'm wrong. 


MDM implementations seem a little overboard.  $$$


I have come across the iAnnotate app, which syncs with Dropbox (I can convince my boss to pay for Dropbox for Teams).  While I would rather rely on an Apple-developed app (iBooks) to manage our library of PDFs, iAnnotate seems stable through user reviews.  AutoCAD WS would be used for CAD files, with Autodesk's built-in syncing service.


1. My headaches aside, should I have each user buy/download/update apps with their personal AppleID and reimburse them (or gift them through iTunes from our corporate account)?

2. How could I control the wiping of a lost iPad/iPhone?

3. Any other recommendations for deployment in my situation?

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    What about email?  If you use exchange you could wipe through exchange, other wise IPCU could do it.  MDM is overboard for your situation.  Do these have 3G data plans and access?  Are users going to have itunes on their office pc's to synch with these?  You should set up an account with the Business VPP store so you have control over what is purchased and not have to gift or do reimbursement. The end user would get the redeem code.

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    I completely forgot about IPCU. We use Exchange for office email, but our IT guy doesn't like to 'experiment with new features,' hence why we're running 2003.


    We've only got wifi on these and the boss would rather not have iTunes on the workstations. Today I've been testing iAnnotate and PDF Expert through my Dropbox account before I go through the process of trying to convince IT to enable webDAV on our server.


    I only see us using 4-6 "work" apps, but I'll check with the boss to see if he setup his account on the VPP when he ordered these.

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    boss would rather not have iTunes

    The name is rather unfortunate in your situation. iTunes came out as a way buying music for the iPad.  Apple had iTunes around, so they added features over time.  It's now a device manager for all Apple i devices. It's more than a way to purchase music.


    Do you take the iPad on customer visits.  iTunes can load presentation on iPad.


    If you sync the iPad on multiple computers, check this out.




    ps. Windows makes you paranoid.

    If it is not broke, do not fix it.