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This headphone/headset that is equipped with a mic does not work properly when I connect it to the audio input opening. The headphone/headset is only equipped with one plug (is this the proper term?).


When I adjust the audio setting (apple icon--> System Preferences --> Sound --> select "Input" tab --> highlight " Line in; Audio line-in port") I can only hear sounds through the headphone but the mic portion does not pic up. If I hit the mic portion I see the bars move, that would indicate some sound being picked up. However, when I try to use the mic, through Mac Office Powerpoint 2010, the sound (if received through the mic) does not pick up.


Why is this happening? Do I need some extra external component for the microphone part of the headset to work or do something extra in the System Preference area? Please help because I need to complete this project A.S.A.P.


Thank you!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    Your combined headphone/mic plug probably has four 'bands' including the tip.

    Does your MacBook have one or two audio mini-jack inputs?

    If it has one jack, you should be OK, but your headset mic could be defective. Have you tried a different combined mic/headset?


    Older MacBooks have two separate jacks for audio input and headphones. 'Line in' audio expects an amplified audio source as input, such as a microphone attached to an external amplifier, or an iPod output through a stereo cable with a mini-plug on each end. Your headphone mic is probably not amplified.


    This screen capture shows a (blue dot) peak audio indicator with a (mono) amplified mic as input.

    If you have an unamplified mic, you likely won't get ANY sound indication from Line In, even tapping directly on the mic.

    audio input from amplified mic.png


    This Apple guide may help you determine your exact model and the audio capabilities:


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    I am having this same issue. Would something like this http://compare.ebay.com/like/400299698519?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var =sbar&_lwgsi=y&cbt=y give the microphone power so I can use this headset?

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    I haven't tried and am not familiar with the device you found.

    From the description provided, it seems primarily designed for 5.1 channel audio output, rather than amplifying audio input.


    The full description of your device mentions three other chipsets that apparently give 'high' quality sound:

      • Chipset: 6911(for normal sound quality only)
      • If you need HIGH quality sound, we recommend you buy products which built with CM119 / CM108 / CM106 Chipset.

    So I did a quick search for 'USB audio cm119 chipset'.

    This 2,1 USB device (one of the first few items listed) does have the cm119 chipset.

    http://www.dinodirect.com/sound-card-adapter-usb-chipset-cm119-bl-su21.html?cur= USD&AFFID=15

    The description provided also mentions both line-in and mic-in - suggesting it can amplify mic-level input.


    Remember, I have no experience with either of these devices.

    I cannot recommend either one, and have no idea if either one would work for you.

    Based solely on the description (and understand that translation from Chinese to English is often "imprecise"), a cm119 device would seem to be a better choice to try. If you can return a device for a full refund, it might be worth your time to try it.