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I am trying to play a TV show purchased recently from the iTunes store and get the following error message:


"This movie requires Quicktime, which is not supported by this version of iTunes."


This is the latest version of iTunes 10.6, and I tried reinstalling it with no luck.  My Mini never had a problem before iTunes 10.6 and it meets all the system requirements for iTunes 10.6.


Why would the iTunes store sell a TV show that requires Quicktime while the latest version of iTunes doesn't support Quicktime?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I'm going to assume that this is a low-memory problem and have ordered an 8 GB memory upgrade for both my minis.  (Both have had serious iTunes problems since 10.6 was installed).  I'll report back after the upgrade.

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    Installed 8 GB memory but iTunes is still not working.  Installed iTunes 10.6.1 - no help.  Also did a clean reinstall of the OS - no help.  Time to go back to the Genius Bar (with both minis). 

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    Third visit to Genius Bar.  After trying several combinations of DVI/HDMI adaptors and HDMI cables, we saw nothing to indicate a cable/adapter problem.


    The Genius then found




    which says that iTunes, which ordinarily starts in 64-bit mode, needs to run in 32-bit mode because Quicktime is only 32 bit.  This explains the error message seen earlier: "This movie requires Quicktime, which is not supported by this version of iTunes."  ("Explains" is being overly generous.  Had the error message been more exact I could have saved 4 weeks of work and 3 trips to the Apple Store.)


    TV shows are now playing reliably.

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    In my case, it's all my home movies (nothing purchased) that fell victim to the iTune/QuickTime problem. Please, if the soltution is to change iTunes from 64 bit to 32 bit, how is that done? "Help" offers no hint. Thanks.


    Oops! Sorry, I should have read the bulletin from the Genius Bar guy which you were nice enought to include. My impatience! Thanks for solving this problem for all of us.

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    This link has pretty good instructions.  If it doesn't work for you, let us know.



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    I tried the 32-bit trick and the QuickTime error went away, but now when I try to preview music videos or watch movie trailers, the movie window opens but nothing plays. It is just a dead black window. I checked the Console and I saw an iTunes error, "unexpected connection closure". Not sure what that means. I checked my QuickTime and saw that it too has a 32-bit option which made me think that both iTunes and QuickTime normall run in 64-bit mode so perhaps my issue is different. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    I did not change the Quicktime 32/64 bit setting but it did not seem necessary.  I suppose you could try that and see if it addresses your problem with previewing music videos and movie trailers.

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    Problem mysteriously went away this morning. Both iTunes and Quicktime are in 64-bit mode.

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    This option may be more inconvenient but works:


    Right click the movie you want to watch within iTunes


    Select show in finder from the right click menu that appears


    (Finder will open - displaying the file)


    Double click on file


    (Quicktime will open)


    Play your movie

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    This doesn't work on Mountain Lion and, what surprise me the most, I can't open Apple Developer movies with iTunes and that is the only way for some movies to be played.

    Is there any other ideas for this problem?