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I'm debating buying iPhoto for iOS but was wondering if when I add tags if it embeds them to the original file?  If it doesn't I'll pass and keep using Adobe Bridge to tag my photos.


I don't know why anyone wouldn't want tags embeded.



iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    I haven't actually checked this to be positive but just about everything else iPhoto for iOS does is only saved on the Edited version of the photo. Nothing is actually done to the original. So I doubt any tags will go onto the original file. Hopefully some others can jump in here and confirm that.

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    That's what I'm guessing.  I know iPhoto for MacOS does that.


    As a designer, I know you loose a little bit of quality every time you save a jpg, which is one reason why edits are saved seperate from the original. But you can add tags and edit exif and iptc info without loss of quality.  Why iPhoto doesn't add tags to the original is baffling to me.

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    Why not set up an experiment with a throw away photo to test and see just what, if any, tags are embedded into the original file. Please port back with your results.

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    I don't own iPhoto for iOS yet.  I don't want to wast $5 if it won't embed tags.

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    I have Aperture 3 on iMac and MBA.

    then I bought iPhoto for iPad.

    I have imported pix from iPad to iMac

    the GPS tags from iPhoto port over to Aperture 3

    but no custom tags.


    (also, individually selected photos from Aperture 3 on the MBA do not keep their tags either on Aperture 3 on the iMAC even if the tags are the same.... I have not tried exporting an entire library (which includes the tagging system from the MBA to the iMAC tho'.)