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I have Aperture 3 running on iMac 10.7.3.   When I downloaded the new version from the App store I get an erros saying "Check with the developer to make sure Aperature works with this version on Mac OS X.  It has been working fine up untilError Message.jpg now."   Any suggestions?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    the errorlog you posted shows, that Aperture crashes with a very typical error message: Do you have by any chance installed "Final Cut" lately? The error message is, that a Framework is missing in your system library:



    Open your System Library by using the Finder "GO" menu:

         Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder     and enter:   /Library/Frameworks


    Then browse this folder and see, of the framework really is missing.


    If that is really the case, either try to restore this Framework from your TimeMachine Backup or reinstall the Operating System - this should restore the framework.


    Post back, if you need further assistance




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    thanks very much...and yes i recentl did install Final Cut .  I will try that



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    Here is the Apple support article concerning your issue.

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    Hello! I was having the same trouble... I just downloaded Aperture form the App Store and when I went to open it, it quit and gave me the error log and all that good stuff. I tried your suggestion leonieDF, and it worked on my iMac, which I have hooked up to Time Machine and therefore was able to get the Frameworks file. My problem is that I want to install Aperture on my MacBook Pro but I don't have a back up of the Frameworks file... Both machines have Final Cut Pro X and I wonder if getting the Frameworks file from Time Machine worked for the iMac, would reinstalling OS X Lion work for the MacBook Pro? Would it have an effect on the current settings of my MacBook Pro? Could I move the Frameworks file from my iMac to the MacBook Pro or would that be a no no? I just don't know how else to ge the needed Frameworks file back to the MacBook Pro. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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    I am really not sure, if the Plugin Manager Framework is completely independent of the platform. It will be safer by far to reinstall the OS. Reinstalling shoud not change your User Settings, if you install on top of your current system and do not do a clean install and wipe your machine completely. But make sure you create a working backup before you reinstall. This way you will be able to recreate your current state with "Migration Assistant", if anything should go wrong.

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    Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will giove it a shot. I did find the Combo Update for OS X 10.7.3 and downloading it now. I'll give that a run and see what happens. If that doesn't solve it, then I'll do an install of OS X Lion over my verison and see what happens then. I'll post back with results.

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    The Combo Update found here:




    seems to have resolved the issue... Aperture now opens on all machines and works properly. Thanks again for your help.

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    You are welcome. I am glad it worked for you.