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Hey guys,


Just have a question in regards to new iPads battery life.


So I unplugged it this morning at around 9 am. Been using it for consistently since then, mostly browsing and watching few videos on certain sites.. Nothing major.

Played bit of angry birds... So since 9 am to now which is 2:38 p,, my battery went down to 66%. Is that normal? Out of those 5 and half hours ive probably used it for around 4..  I had feeling that my old iPad one lasted longer... But maybe I got a bug in my head :-)


No location services a active or any other radios except wifi?..

Solved by King_Penguin on Mar 23, 2012 2:44 PM Solved

Estimated battery life is 10 hours, you've used a third of the battery in about 4 hours of use - if it continues at that rate you'd get about 12 hours use.