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I've created a watermark as a psd file.

I'd like to make it a universal export so it will appear on my image.

When I export, it shows up as extremely small.

At one point I had it showing in the proper size, and I've chosen Presets-> Image Export -> Show Watermark ->Scale Automatically.

I created a Custom Preset because there are so many choices, most of which I have no idea what select.

I've selected JPEG (Original Size).

Should I have selected PSD (16-Bit) or 50% of Original Size.



Too many choices, too confusing, Help on Aperture doesn't help so I'm posting in this community where I usually get a quick helpful answer.

Thanks !

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8 GB RAM. 500 HD, Bamboo Tablet
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Here's what I did  .


    Design your basic watermark as a PSD.  Scale it to the widths you commonly use (my watermark runs along the bottom, so width works for me), and save a file at each width.  I selected 600, 1200, 1900 px, and saved my files as "KirbyKriegerApertureWatermark600pxWide", etc.


    That gives me three watermarks to select from.  As long as the pixel dimensions of the file being created by exporting are close, the watermark will look OK.  I generally export at close to 600, close to 1200, and close to 1900 px.  For each of these I have set two export presets, one with no watermark, and one with.  I named these Export Presets "Kirby JPG 600 Q8 NoWater", "Kirby 600 Q8 Wtrmk", etc.  (The Q# is the JPG quality setting.)  I leave "Scale Automatically" checked, but since the watermarks are selected to match the export size, this does little.


    So I have six Export Presets, all JPG, in three different sizes, and for each size with and without my watermark.


    Test them all!  If you are not getting the result you want, redesign the watermark.


    Vary to suit.


    I have never needed to export a full-size copy with a watermark (full-size is for printing; I don't print watermarks).


    Ask more as needed.

  • indigo222 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the quick answer Kirby.


    I'll check it out.


    I'm basically using the watermark because I load to my Flckr photstream.

    I never thought about designing 6 watermarks.

    You see how complicated it is and I'd like to add that to my wishlist for A4.

    With/without watermark and Scale Watermark, would automatically adjust it for image size.


    Have a great weekend.

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    indigo222 wrote:

    I never thought about designing 6 watermarks.

    One design, three sizes (if you need them), six different Export Presets.


    For Flickr, you are likely to need only one design in one size and one Export Preset.  Maybe two (I don't Flickr).


    The problem with auto-scaling is that we don't usually want to scale the watermark linearly with size (we want it to be legible but not intrusize -- that means bigger relative to a small image and smaller relative to a big image).



  • léonie Level 10 (90,876 points)

    The problem with auto-scaling is that we don't usually want to scale the watermark linearly with size (we want the to be legible but not intrusize, that means bigger relative to a smale image and smaller relative to a big image).

    A very good point, Kirby!  The sizes are easy to manage with the differently sized presets, but the "not intrusive" part beats me - I find it nearly impossible to get it right with a single watermark design. A watermark that goes well with one genre of image may clash horribly with another image, depending on the general mood, the structure, the level of detail ...


    I am still struggling to find a watermark design that is scalable (without subsampling artefacts like aliasing) and not intrusive at the same time and that I actually like to see on my pictures



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    I can't understand why A3 doesn't have a simple add watermark. The Gear pulldown or Advanced pull down menu ought to be for those companies or individuals, or real pro's to set up whatever they need.


    There's a lot of us that although amateur, want to step up our game and move from taking snapshots to doing photography and next, digital art.


    I realize programs can't be all things to all people, but it seems that maybe iPhoto team can help A3 team to simplify things and make a more sleek, elegant application.


    One other item I thought about regarding watermarks, I guess we have to double the number of watermarks so we can have a white or light grey mark to fit with a dark color image, and a black or darker grey to show up on a while or light color background.


    I'm simply working on a Copywright Text Name and Date and no logo, so it should be straight forward and would be a great addition to create it on the spot within A3 or A4.


    Does the team read this Aperture Community on a regular basis?

  • Keith Barkley Level 5 (6,040 points)

    We don't know. It has been a long time since a developer *posted* here, but they could be reading. In any case, here is the official way to be heard:


  • CorkyO2 Level 4 (1,290 points)

    indigo222 wrote:



    I'm simply working on a Copywright Text Name and Date and no logo, so it should be straight forward and would be a great addition to create it on the spot within A3 or A4.


    If you are just looking for a text based watermark, you might look at the free BorderFX plug-in:




    It has an export function that offers quite a few options and may meet your needs. I may be mis-understanding your needs though.

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    Really, 24 hours into a post about watermarks and BorderFx just get mentioned, that's a record


    CorkyO2, I don't know if you saw the recent post on light tables in Aperture but I dug up your old posts concerning the bug with them. Have you ever checked to see if the problem is still there or was it finally fixed?


    Ok back to watermarks.

  • CorkyO2 Level 4 (1,290 points)



    Yes, I saw the recent post and your links.


    Still an issue OS X 10.7.3 - AP 3.2.3.




    Back to watermarks.

  • rob@wilddog Level 1 (10 points)

    This multiple watermark file size thing is all very clunky.  I can't see why such a system has been designed.

    IMHO since we have the option to scale our chosen watermark, surely it would make sense to allow the scaling factor to be adjusted. 

    In this way, only one watermark file would be necessary and the scaling factor could be set for reach export image size and resolution!

  • léonie Level 10 (90,876 points)

    That certainly would make things easier, but it would require the water mark file to be vector graphics. Arbitrary scaling of raster graphics (pixel based image representations) usually causes sampling artefacts, because automatic anti aliasing cannot take the level of detail into account properly, and quite frequently will give poor, blurred results. If you are restricted to raster graphics it is essential to have the option to specify an image with a suitable level of detail for each size of your watermark.



  • rob@wilddog Level 1 (10 points)

    Ah well sorry for that...


    Actually, for my purposes, the borderfx solution mentioned by Corky02 seems to do the trick, as it handles both image and text based watermarks.  I just downloaded it, and after increasing the size of my WM image so that it scaled happily for my normal image sizes, it did just what I needed.


    Thanks Corky02!



  • indigo222 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your quick  solution.

    I had bordrfx as an plugin, but never really used it. I thought it was for adding a frame effect on a photo, something I rarely do nowadays.


    I'll spend more time with it as soon as I'm able.


    As usual, I always get timely answers to my questions here in the Aperture Community.


    I really do appreciate it.

    Have a great weekend.


    Wethersfield, CT


    Here's what I've done with A3, and some One To One training at the Apple store.

    I don't think it's a program that you can teach yourself.