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What are the keyboard shortcuts to move to the start and to the end of a document in MacBook Air?  The keyboard does not have a home key or an end key.  Command-Up arrow and Command-Down arrow do not work.

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    Thanks, Kappy, but the OS X keyboard shortcuts are Command-Up arrow and Command-Down arrow, and, as I said, that doesn't work on my MacBook Air.  The start-up combinations link seems to unrelated to my problem.

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    I've been trying to figure it out too, CJ362. Try the fn + Option (or alt) keys with the arrow keys to move to the beginning or end of a document.

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    Thank-you boydner, it worked on a  Word document, so I suppose it would work generally.

    What I used was fn-option + left arrow for the top of the document, and fn-option + right arrow for the bottom of the document.  This is a bit counter-intuitive, ie not using the up and down arrows, but if it works, fine.

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    You're welcome! It was a keyboard shortcut I used frequently before I bought my Air so it was really annoying not being able to use it. I finally figured it out soon after reading this thread and thought others might like to know.


    The fn-Option + up arrow worked to move to the top of a document for me but the fn-Option - arrow does not work to move to the end of a document. It was counter-intuitive to use fn-Option + right arrow key to move to the end of the document. I hadn't tried fn-Option + left arrow yet so thank you for that information. I'm just happy to have a shortcut for this function again!

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    The following hotkeys simulate the Home, End, Pg Up, and Pg Dwn keys on the Macbook Air.


    Home:  fn+left arrow

    End:  fn+right arrow

    Pg Up:  fn+up arrow

    Pg Dwn:  fn+down arrow

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    I have a Macbook Air Nov 2012 with OSX 10.8



    cmd + left arrow: Go to beginning of the line

    cmd + right arrow: Go to the end of the line

    cmd + up: Go to the beginning of the document

    cmd + down: Go to the end of the document


    HOWEVER in Firefox...

    The above commands do completely different things.

    And instead, to go to the start or end of a line I use

    alt + left, or alt + right.


    This is all kind of infuriating, and after a week I miss my 17" Dell monster.


    This MBA just feels like a glorified point-and-click machine for browsing.


    I wish there was a premium PC laptop built with the same aesthetics!

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    I hear you brother!! I only bought this blasted thing (13" MacBook Air Mid-2013) for its aesthetics, SSD and battery life...was running Windows exclusively on it until recently when I was forced by my uni tutors to install OS X. Windows + MacBook Air = best user experience a Windows lover could ever ask for! But Mac OS X + any hardware = going bald from tearing out your hair in frustration! Unless of course you grew up with Macs...then I imagine Windows + any hardware = going bald from tearing out your hair in frustration! I guess you gotta take the good with the bad