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I have some pics that I want to put titles into/onto.


I am putting together a poster.  The top of the poster has a picture.  I want to put some text on top of/into the pic.


What is a SIMPLE and EASY TO USE app where I can open the pic and type in the text and do some formatting?


I do not want a 'template' app.  The one's in pages don't work for this project.


Oh, I want it to be able to use the fonts I have.  A program that gives me limited fonts is NOT going to work.



MAC OSX 10.6.8

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The free Apple app Preview that came with your computer can add text and edit/color correct images. Open the image in Preview and go to Help in the menu, Preview Help.


    Screen Shot 2012-03-24 at 3.17.47 AM.png

    Click on Annotate images and PDF documents and choose add text or a text bubble, follow the directions. To see how to edit images click on Edit Images.


    If you have iPhoto installed (you need to buy it from the App Store) you can edit/color correct in that app too. To add text to a photo in iPhoto you need to download this free plug-in for iPhoto to be able to add text to an image.



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    For more versatility, Photoshop Elements is a good bet.

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    Okay, I downloaded and installed iborder.  We'll see how it goes.


    Oh, Preview, which I do have on my iMac, does not open or respond.  Not that I expected it to.  After all, I have a Mac.  I've long given up on expecting things to actually work on this machine without a visit to the Genius bar!

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    If Preview isn't opening on your machine you have serious troubles and need to get those resolved.


    I hope your backups are up-to-date.


    good luck

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    Yes, I am backed up 9 ways to Sunday.  Thanks.


    This Mac has been nothing but a headache since I took it out of the box. I am going back to a PC as soon as humanly possible.  They're no joy, but at least they work, have a logical operating system, and don't pretend to be something they aren't.


    I did install and tried using iborderfx.  It is a nice program but doing edits on a picture that is 4 x 6 isn't working for me.  Could find no way to get it up to screen size (25" on my monitor). 


    Plus, I found that every click of my mouse took 30 seconds for the program to respond (I timed it) and while I so enjoy watching the fascinating pinwheel spin around and around, I actually need to get work done on this project, so I'm shipping it off to a graphic artist I know and letting them deal with the whole thing.


    I'm so glad I have an Apple to help me with these creative projects!

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    While not every OS fits everyone's needs every OS should behave well. Your experience with the Mac is not typical and definitely isn't right.


    If you're interested in trying to work out what the problem(s) are you should start a new thread detailing your hardware and software setup, what difficulties you've been having and what you have done to try and correct them.


    Maybe nothing can be done but it is also possible that something relatively simple is keeping the Mac from performing as it should.