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Today, I finaly got my new iPad!  Hurray!  I was so excited!  Until I booted it up.  It came with iOS 4.3.5 which was fine becuase I knew I could update it, only I couldn't.  Because when the iDevices go to install the new iOS, it basicly does a restore, iTunes would not let me update it and pulled up "Unable to restore the iPad "_______".  This device is not elgible for the requested build."  I tried restoring my iPhone, and it gave the same error, but or course said "iPhone" and not iPad.  I decided, since AppleCare was closed, to drive over to my friends house and try updating there.  And it worked!  I tried restoring my iPhone and it worked fine too!  When I got home, I tried deleting the firmware builds in iTunes and it didn't work.  Rebooted the devices, didn't work.  Tried EVERYTHING I could think of.  Anything else I could try?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 4.3.3, (5.1)