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I've gifted my 2008ish Mac Mini running OS 10.5.8 to a friend with and older PC running XP    How do we migrate the PC data, etc to the Mac ?

iMac 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Mac Mini OS X 10.4.11 1.83 Intel Core duo
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    Go to the bottom of > Switch 101: Migrate your Windows files or system to your Mac and click on the arrow next to "▶ Manually migrating" to expand the article.


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    Personally I would use the External HD or removable media method for moving picture, music and doc files, because it is easier, faster and more reliable than networking.

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    Many thanks ! 


    I've successfully moved most everything from the PC, including converting MS Works stuff to Office, using flash media as you recommended.


    One thing has me in the dark: The sizeable music files on the PC are all in wma format.  Could you point me to the right process for getting these files added to the iTunes music library on the Mac?


    BTW:  When removing flash drives from the PC, the menu has a command something like "eject this drive" - but clicking on the command gives no sign or signal that the drive can be safely removed - ??  [I've got an extremely limited PC skill-set]