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I'm a developer working on a variety of things ranging from Web Development (Using Rails) to OS X and iOS Development. I work with a lot of VMs, big codebases, and Xcode from time to time. Lately I've noticed that one of my colleagues (working with a  MacBook Air ( with SSD )) is saving tons of time on file reading in comparisson to me (we work with the exact same codebase, so I think it's a valid benchmark).


A year ago I was thinking about purchasing an SSD as a secondary drive for my MBP, (replacing the DVD tray with it). However a year and a half ago, SSD's where more expensive, and in the end I dropped the idea.


I am now considering it again, but I don't really know what SSDs really shine for Mac these days (I think SSD technology has been moving on very fast). I need about 120 GB of space, so I can keep Lion installed there and my Dev files. I will symlink my Music/Video/OtherHeavyStuff folders to my non SSD drive.


Could anyone update me on the SSD situation on the Mac ? e.g I've read that trim is no longer that relevant in comparisson to Garbage Collection.


Suggestions, links and feedback are all welcome.



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    Another alternative, if you need large amounts of space, is to go with the Seagate Momentus XT 750GB hybrid disk.  It has an 8GB SLC chip (basically an SSD) on board, and caches your most common reads.  So, you get some of the SSD performance boost, but still have 750GB's of storage space.  I think it runs around $150 on Amazon.

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    Samsung 800 series is currently the best SSD out there.


    The Samsung is the best for access time, voltage uses (very low) and is being used by Apple on their Retina MB Pro.


    Another SSD drive to consider is by Crucial and Corsair.


    I'd like to recommend OCZ but their SSD drive, has issues with some MB's.


    If you're in a budget, consider JWS1982 suggestion of going with a Hybrid Drive which is the Seagate Momentus XT 750.  Steer clear of the 500GB version of the Momentus.  Some MB have issues with them.