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Does anyone know how to use multiple effects?



iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    I'm assuming you want to make more than one change to a photo.


    I do this by selecting the tool in the bottom bar then tapping on the gear icon on the bottom right. Once I make this change I tap on a second tool then tap the gear icon and make the changes forvthat tool. You can make more changes tha n just two. When I have the photo the way I want it I tap on a different photo thumbnail and the changes to the first photo will be saved. The small toolbox will show after a few seconds on the thumbnail of the photo you changes. Going back to that photo you will see small blue lights above the tools you used to edit the photo.


    You can go back to those tools and use the Gear icon to remove the edit if you like.

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    EitherI don't understand the response, or multiple effects don't work for me either. Note that the original poster asked how to use multiple effects, not just multiple tools. For example, I wish to use the Aura special effect swatch, then switch to the Artistic swatch and pick the vignette effect. As soon as I do this, it resets the photo in order to apply the vignette effect and I totally lose the other effect that I applied earlier. I can even save my changes, leave iPhoto, come back into iPhoto and start editing again, but as soon as I apply the second effect, the first effect goes away.

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    You're right I didn't understand the question. I don't use those effect so can't help. Sorry.

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    Kenneth, I am facing the same problem as you. I am not being able to apply multiple Effects to any image (eg: apply If I apply Vignette and then try the Aura effect, I loose Vignette effect!!!).  Anyone,... any solution to this?


    I am unable to digest that an intelligent application like iPhoto can have a dumb glitch like this!!!

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    The currecnt version of iPhoto does not support applying multiple effects to a photo. This is not a glitch it simply has not been implemented. In the mean time, you can export the photo with one effect applied and then apply a second effect to the newly saved image.

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    Yes, this is a silly ommision...Since the "work-around" is to export the edited image, only to reselect it for further editing is a mistake that shouldn't have passed QC.  If I do the above step, well, so can a script in the program, so this is really something that needs to be addressed in order for iPhoto to be taken more seriously.  It only needs an extra icon for "Save Edit & Continue", or something to that effect.  That would negate any hardware obstacle such as a memory issue that is preventing this task...I'm not a programmer but I am an expert when it comes to common sense which is what the foundation of programming should be.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I guess we will have to wait till iPhoto team get this feature implemented in their upgrade.


    I think this along with a "Grain reduction" tool will be a real boost to the capabilities of this application.

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    Keep in mind this iPhoto for iOS is still a very new application. History shows that new or rewritten applications from Apple have very minimal features and features are then added over time. Think of the rewritten iMovie in 09 or Final Cut X.


    It's also possible that some of the more advanced features we know from iPhoto on the Mac may never make it to the iOS version.


    There are a lot of people who are upset over missing features in iPhoto but give it time and it will improve. For now all we can do is use it as intended with the provided features or hold off using it until the app has matured.

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    Good point Cristofer, we can also provide feedback to Apple about iPhoto for iOS here,



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    Not new anymore! It's a crazy omission, and really rather handicaps the app - buy Snapspeed instead.