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Hi Guys,

Does somebody can share his sync workflow for the ipad?

Once I open Itunes (the less intuitive soft in the computing era) i right click over my ipad and transfer all the buys to my macbook.

Then I sync the ipad, and after the security backup is done, the sync takes place.

But when I return to my ipad, many applications that I´ve already deleted are there again!

I would love to avoid using itunes, but there´s no way to move movies or music without it.

Not to say photos, that you cannot move, but must sync! uufffffff


Any help appreciated. Thanks!


next topic will be Icloud: "it just doesn´t work" should be the slogan



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    It does work, but you just don't know how to make it work.  After you've transferred purchases and BEFORE you sync, click on the iPad on the left side of the screen to open in iTunes.  You'll the Apps, Music, Photos, etc in the larger right box.  Click on Apps and choose the apps you want to have on your iPad.  Once you've configered the apps the way you want, click Apply on the lower right hand corner, THEN sycn. 

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    Thanks a lot friend! Done.

    I know itunes works. The thing is how it works. I've been using computers for 20 years everyday. I´m photographer and consider myself an advanced user. I know how to build a website using dreamweaver, editing video in fcpx or premiere pro, use ftp, blogs, and online sync apps such as dropbox. I've bee using, installing, updating and fixing problems in windows and mac from very earlier versions. What I´m saying is that moving files into the ipad is non intuitive. When I have to explain to my wife that she has to right click over ipad text, transfer the purchases, then go to the app tab, select the ones you want to keep, the come again to ipad on left bar and sync..., but first disable automatic sync of the music and videos... she tells me: do it for me.

    Have you ever tried to delete a picture downloaded from internet to your ipad? It remains on the streaming folder if you have it enable on icloud. You just cannot delete it. You have to go to icloud, click on your name account, then go to advanced field, then you will find a button to reset streaming pictures. But to delete it from the ipad you will have to go to pictures setting a disabled the streaming function. This is one the most complicated ways that any company could find to delete a picture. Sync is what dropbox does: you add, move, edit, delete or copy ant file in any device and it sync all your devices. It just works. Not itunes, not icloud. Love mac, hate this nonsense workarounds.

    Thanks again,