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What happened to the "None" option in payment settings?


I and many others are stuck because there is no way to remove a debit/credit card and even with iTunes gift credit, iTunes will not allow us to make purchases (even a free ones at that!)


This is ridiculous on many levels but my primary concern is this - Why can't I remove my debit card and continue with purchases on gift card credit!? The "None" payment option was there before but I'm assuming it was removed with an update. Has Apple really stooped this low?


Do the right thing and fix this Apple!

iOS 5.0.1
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    If you download a free app, you will not be charged.

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    I just removed my credit card info in iTunes on my macbook pro an hour ago, delete your credit card number then above where it gives you the list of credit cards accepted, at the end of that list there is the none button. I never tried on an iDevice, however it can still be done via iTunes or the App store. If for some reason it will not let you, I'd get on the phone with Apple.

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    Actually after I wrote my previous post I went into my iPhone and tried it, none option still there. I am using iOS 5.1, so not sure what issues your having.

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    I think I figured it out!

    I was having two problems. 1 I couldnt remove my credit card. and 2. iTunes wouldnt accept my security code for my card.

    I finally figured out what was happening. I checked my purchase history and I had an outstanding balance from some in-app purchases. They couldnt be paid because itunes wasnt accpting my security code. So to fix that, I linked my Paypal which is linked to the same card. The outstanding balance went away and I suddenly had the "None" option back for the credit card.


    Basically, check if you owe something to iTunes. Its under Account>Purchase History and it'll be there. Take care of that and the None option will appear. I guess iTunes does that so people cant remove their card before their account is charged.

    It worked for me, hope it helps!

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    Thanks for the replies guys. @Emily That's kind of what happened with me. Once I put in a valid card the "None" option showed up and I was able to remove it and continue with purchases on credit.


    However, Apple really should provide more information as it was extremely frusturating to figure out. And also, why could't Apple just charge my gift credit after I put that in?  Anyways, thanks for all the replies.