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The whole point of the app seems to be to edit and organize photos, so if I've taken the time to hide some number of photos, why can't I then delete these? Instead I have to go to the Photo app and delete them there, which doesnt show me any of the tagging or organizing I spent time on in iphoto... It should at least then show me "hidden" photos in Photo so I can delete them there, or let me delete from iphoto and it just removes it from Photo after, it seems pretty simple.  Why has iphoto (ios) been limited in this way?

iPhoto iOS, iOS 5.1
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    iPhoto for iOS seems best suited to working on photos with the goal of sharing them on social media sites. It does that pretty well but it does not orgaize photos with the goal of syncing them back to the Photo app or iPhoto on you Mac.

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    Then they probably shouldnt call it "iPhoto" which they set precedent for.


    It needs maybe 2-3 additional functions to make it the same, most likely they just rushed this out or have some business argument for it, but it makes for a bad user experience.

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    You can delete photos, but you have to remove all editing and journaling first.  If you do not, the best you can do is hide them.

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    The only photos that you can delete directly in iPhoto for iOS are photos in the Beamed Photos or Photo Box albums.


    All the other photos must e deleted via the sync process with iTunes on your computer or with Photo app on your iPad.


    This is according to the iPhoto for iOS user help menu.

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    How do you get photos in photobox, its not included in the manual.

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    Go the main screen for iPhoto for iOS that shows albums, photos, events or journals. Tap the help icon at the top right and then tap View Photos. The first section or second describe how photos a put in the photo box. It's not something you actually create. The photo box is a place iPhoto creates when needed.

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    Adunn83 I agree, this needs to addressed by apple in the next update. You should be able to delete photos that are on the iPad camera roll from within iPhoto, end of discussion. 

    This stops the iPad being a pc replacement without this and iPhoto on the iPad was why I bought the largest iPad and not a mac, I'm not impressed and it should be a simple fix.

    Does anyone know how we can let apple know to add this to the next update I tried to look how to email the developer but it just went thought to apple support and wanted to phone me. I just want to let the developers know its something customers want fixing, do the iphoto developers read this forum ?

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    You can leave feedback to Apple about iPhoto for iOS here


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    If you are sure your photos are backed up, delete the iPhoto app from your iOS device and this will remove the hidden photos database.  Upon reinstalling the app, you'll start with a clean slate (although it will probably import any new photos from the Photos app upon first launch, so clear that out before hand too). This does appear to be a bug (or forgotten feature) and this is the quickest work-around.

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    Only way I have found is to open Photos and use the Trash Can in that. Then when I return to the iPad's iPhoto program the deleted photo is gone. Clutzy for sure.

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    2013 I'm saving editted pictures back to camera roll one by one (can't even select multiple). Messages not in share menu, and no credible workflow. None of the issues in this thread have been fixed.

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    Delete "unflagged or unedited" items is indeed a missing feature requested in many forums.


    Workaround: Export all* flagged/eddited items back to Camera Roll and then, from the Photos app, select all old/original items, (with a quick double finger tap), and press delete.


    * Max 100items at time.