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I am completely new to ipads, and waited for the third one to come out to finally buy one. So I connected up with wi-fi and my mail was coming through, but when I connected via cable to my imac (version 10.6.8), nothing happened. It's supposed to open itunes, but doesn't. I manually opened itunes (I've got the latest version) and it still didn't recognise the ipad in order to sync. I read countless threads, forums and manuals to get it to work, and every one of them says "when the device appears in itunes, select it" ... but it doesn't appear in itunes (or anywhere else!). I would love my music, contacts, apps, etc, to be on my ipad too. And I went into icloud on the ipad and turned "on" everything.

THEN... I found this information: iOS: Unable to update or restore

So, I started the process of restoring, which really ***** because I've already bought a LOT of apps, books, etc, and I assume I will lose the lot.


And now I got a big fat error (1611) and I want to cry... is there anyone online who can help me? I've only had this gadget for two days and I think I've already broken it!

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1