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Does anyone knows to identify NEW IPAD from older version. Today I decide to purchase the NEW IPAD. When I was at the shop in SG- I couldnt find the NEW IPAD, so I went to check with the staff & suprised they inform me is on the display set. When I hold the NEW IPAD which the staff inform that is the NEW IPAD ,looking at front and back couldn't find any special printout .

Having some doubts  & ask the staff again how to I know this is the NEW IPAD?

The staff inform me as follow:

1st - the weight  ( which I don't see much difference from IPAD 2 on the weight ) 

2nd: take a picture and you will see the difference (YES I agree )

3rd : - the printout from the box.  (which I think I also Knows, stupid reply )

4th:- over heating 


So at the end , I decided to hold back again of getting the NEW IPAD.

Just wonder anyone out there knows how to identify the NEW IPAD from older version