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I have a 1.5 ghz macmini with 512mb of ram, and it randomly shuts off, if i turn it on right away the power led starts making this weird flash as if it were in sleep mode but not exactly, see in sleep mode the led dims out as if it were going to turn off and then makes it slef brighter but when i have this issue it doesnt dim all the way down it satys in the middle as if it were operating normally and then it gets really bright, the computer boots fine and in the login window shuts down, i have to wait a couple of minutes to turn it on again and then it works fine.

this is happened like four times already.

can anyone help please?

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    I don't know if this can help with your problem, but I had a situation where the Mini would shut off for no reason once or twice a day after being idle for a couple of hours. I replaced the outlet strip/surge protector with my extra APC Back-UPS, plugged the Mini into that, and haven't had a problem since.
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    I'm having the same problem - but don't believe its a power strip problem. See my posts at

    My mini's at the apple store being evaluated now.

    I suggest calling apple support - if its within a year of purchase, my experience was that they'll talk to you if you tell them its a hardware problem.

    Also, try to note what time the problem happened (as exactly as possible) and then check out the system logs, (To see them, go the the Utilities folder and open up the Console app). Try to find the time the problem happened and see if there are any error codes printed in the log - especially for the PMU (Power Management Unit). If you see any tell that to the support person - it might help them figure out the problem.