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Hello all,


I am hoping to change my 'From' email address in Mail.app in Lion. I have my own SMTP credentails to use my own domain email address in gmail. I would love to use this same 'from' address in Mail.app, but I cannot work out how this works. Is this possible? I want to stop having my Gmail address being shown when I use Mail.app.


Ideally, this would also work in the Mail app in iOS.


I know that I cannot use my own domain email in iCloud, so for now I must continue to use Gmail.


I would love to hear the experiences of powerusers in Mail.app on Lion.





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    iMail>Preferences>Accounts>Account Information>Email Address


    Make change here,


    or add another email address to the list seperated by comma,  this will give you a drop down menu to choose which address you want in From field.

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    Thank you lerodouglas,


    That's a great pro tip to use the comma to add a new email address, I haven't seen that mentioned!


    Another thing for others to know is that for this to work is that the SMTP settings have to be correct in the 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)' settings at the bottom of the email Accounts section. Also, that your email username for your SMTP settings may not be the same as your outgoing email address.