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I got the iPhone 4s and for some reason sometimes after I save a number to my contacts, some time later it dispears, happens randomly

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Are you using iCloud?  Is someone else using the same account?  If so, they may be affecting your contacts.

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    Try to have only one service synchronizing your contacts. If you're using more than one, for example iCloud, iTunes, MS Exchance, ... there my disappear some contracts.


    Good luck


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    Hello, I too have such a problem to lose my contacts and other applications , Software, photos, notes, messages, and the emergence of the so-called iCloude was subscribed to by adding the expense of Apple is in my account. All of this is due to sync my iPhone 4 with my PC   With the download and update even closed and re-run automatically and after what has happened mentioned earlier, I do not want is retrieved contacts to their importance, it is of you have let the solution Kindly respond.

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    How can I turn off my iCloud

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    iPhone: Settings -> iCloud -> disable "Contacts" if you want to disable the sycronizing of contacts with iCloud. If you want do disable for example Calender to disable "Calender". And if you want to sync your contacts with your Mac/PC go in iTunes on your iPhone -> Overview (i think it is overview, i only new the german translation which is "Überblick", but it is the second tab) and select under Contacts the way you wanna sync your contacts