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I pulled my old SE FD/HD out of the closet.  My sister used it for college and sinse it has just been collecting for dust.  But it used to work great.  So all of a sudden not sure what happened.  If it was never taken apart how could it die.  Not electronics savy.  It could die just sitting around doing nothing.  Or perhaps I have the wrong power cord.  I can't find the white one.  So used a black one to test.  But no sparks or noise or anything.  Not even a light on the hdd.  So probably nothing broke.  Was already dead probably.  Or do I have to have a special apple branded se ac adapter cord.  Would be good to see it working again.  So is it dead or am I not doing something right.



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    The electronics did in fact go bad over time.  The most common cause is capacitors that either leak or dry out; it is fairly common with the compact Macs.  It is repairable, but it takes someone knowledgeable about electronics restoration.


    The power cord you have is fine - you don't need a particular color or brand.  The power supply inside just isn't working any more.

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    Thanks such a shame as it worked the last time I used it.  It is probably not worth it.  Because it would be too expensive to fix.  The only problem is FD/HD is hard to find. Regular and SE/30 are on ebay all the time.  But FD/HD there is only 1 on ebay.  Also saw an SE 30 I think it was on ebay with 8mb of ram.  Pretty cool.  I thought 4mb  was the max.  Anyhow it is alright SE is heavily outdated.  What would be really cool is if I could shove a mac mini inside the SE case and hook it up to and internal color monitor.  Would be a cool mix of old and new.

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    What would be really cool is if I could shove a mac mini inside the SE case and hook it up to and internal color monitor. 


    Here's something that might interest you:




    Search for "mac mini in SE case" or "mac mini in classic case" to find other tidbits.


    Do you hear any fans running? Some SEs and a lot of SE/30s had bad Quantum Fireball drives (40 and 80MB only) with "sticky actuators." Some also suffered "dry" HD bearings.


    The last-ditch method of starting (if you can hear fans indicating the PS is operating) is the "Whack-a-Mac" principle. A not-too-hard whack with the palm of your hand to the side of the case at startup can sometimes free the sticky actuator in the HD.


    If the bearings are tight, the old trick is to turn the computer upside down and then try a start. The theory is that the pressure on the lower bearing (the one that gets the workout) is lessened, allowing the disk to spin up.


    Our first Mac was a SE/30 with 5MB RAM (yes, you could exceed 4MB). It suffered the same problem--fans on but no HD sounds or booting). Once we got it running we left it running. However, after having to move it to another location in the house, it finally refused to knuckle under to the whacking and inversion. Our kids, now 34,28, and 26, still miss the old-school games we had on that computer, the first one they remember using.

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    The game I liked was transle vania on mac classic.  "128k" we had first then "SE fd hd", then I got a"IIsi" then a motorola srtarmax clone.  And my dad had a mac 8600 power mac.  That the last of the classic I think.  I also got some used g3 tower and desktop off ebay.


    Anyhow I'm 36.  My sister 6 years older.  We had "SE HDFD"  It was 20mb HD.  But took high density floppy 1.44mb disks.  Anyhow no fan no light no nothing.  But I will try the slap and upside down thing.

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    The Slap and Invert typically only work if you hcan hear the fans spinning but they're worth a try unless you plan to invest some restoration money into it.


    My kids liked Radical Castle (complete with the dreaded Vorpal Bunny) and ShadowGate.  There was also Scarab of Ra where you explored a pyramid filled with hazards, And, of course, ManHole, a precursor of Myst by the same developers, Cyan.

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    Yes slapping does nothing.  Or upside down.  Maybe the power supply is dead.  Anyhow I remember radical castle. Good times.

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    Or could it be dead pram battery??

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    Maybe if I clip the battery it will boot.