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Ian Williams3 Level 1 (35 points)

I have a 2008 White Macbook which I sent by courier.  It was working perfectly when I sent it, but when it arrived at its destination and was booted up it had colored rainbow stripes down the screen.  If I connect an external display, or use screen sharing everything else is running fine. The Macbook was well packaged for transit.


I have tried to claim against the courier company for the damage (repair costs exceed the value of the Macbook).  They claim that they could not have caused the problem as if the macbook had been dropped or crushed the entire screen would have shattered.  This does not ring true to me and I am confident that the problem with the LCD display was caused by mishandling.


Can anyone add some insight to this?  Am I correct that the damage is consistent with the Macbook being dropped or subject to excess pressure?  Or does the courier have a point that there would be greater evidence of a drop such as a shattered  LCD panel?


Your comments supporting either agument are very much appreciated.

  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)

    Well, It wasnt like that when it left your location, so obviously it was damaged during shipping.  Try and get documentation from apple that the screen doesnt have to be shattered for damage to have been done during shipping.

  • nvnv0 Level 1 (100 points)

    Simple drop doesn't cause screen to be shattered. You better look for package cover for any tamper or scratch.

    And who has packed it? Is it packaged in the macbook cover with which it was bought originally or not?

  • Upbeatjunk Level 1 (0 points)

    This isn't an issue of a busted screen necessarily.  It could be one of three things.  Since you've tested this on another display and aren't having an issue there, you have ruled out the logic board.  This leaves the display cable and the display itself.  Do the colored lines change as you open/close your laptop?  If so this is more than likely a badly seated display cable.  This is an easy fix, pull off your topcase and reseat the cable.  If that doesn't change anything then you've got a bad LCD screen that needs replacing.