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this is my question:

i was able, not so simply i might add, to transfer from my Orig. ipad to the New ipad my unlimited data plan...that being said i am somewhat confused..can i download a movie over the "alledged" 4G service on Att without incurring these widely talked about high charges to obtain said streamed/downloaded videos...i am assumming the higher charges apply if one has not been grandparented in on the unlimited original offer.

Am i correct...so i can download and not worry about extra, higher costs?


i do have an apple tv and mostly prefer to watch on my tv the videos of my choosing, but when i travel i pick one or 2 movies up for the trip on the ipad....need i worry about doing it on wifi vs. the 4G? i think not, but need someone out there who is really knowledgeable on this to inform me correctly, please


What other content would be using a lot of data to download besides videos/movies?

surfing really isn't all that data grabbing is it?

i mainly leisurely sit down and read the  entire google news page, going to the most interesting articles and, then maybe  reading some of a book i have gotten from itunes.


anyone getting a feel if i am a small, med. or large user of data?

just curious

is there a way for me to actually check this myself??

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    4G meaning HSPA+ or LTE? On your iPad if it says 4G its really 3G it should say LTE to get the real high speed.


    From what I have read if you are grandfathered into a iPad unlimited plan you will have it for new iPad and get LTE. If you only have 4G as your symbol I would call or go to the store to get LTE working, it might just work with your old SIM but I just upgraded from a 3G/4G phone to a LTE from ATT and they said they needed to activate a new SIM since the old one doesn't work with the new LTE devices.


    Anyways I've read that they are unliminted if you are grandfathered into a Unlimited iPad Data Plan. But don't be supprised if in the future they start trottling your service, happed to me went from iPhone unliminted plan to a Samsung LTE device and after 5GB of data they started trottling speed to half a meg download.