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scaredcrow Level 1 Level 1

I've been having a problem with the latest version of iTunes freezing when I try to sync my iPod nano. Whenever I try to check one of the boxes in my iPod's options, iTunes stops responding and I'm forced to close it using the task manager. iTunes opens and closes fine when I open it manually. It only freezes when I try to configure my iPod's options. I've restored my iPod several times and I just uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes as well as the other related Apple software. Has anyone else been having this problem?

iPod nano, Windows 7, HP Pavilion p6210y
  • zam031174 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having this problem too.  I reset my iPod trying to fix the issue and now have no podcasts and audio books. When I try to "apply" settings iTunes locks up.  Very frustrated. 

  • scaredcrow Level 1 Level 1

    Ok then it's not just my iPod. Thank you.

  • SwissDude Level 1 Level 1

    I have the latest iTunes running on a high-end MacBook Pro. It now freezes EVERY time I start it. Furthermore the entire UI freezes, not just iTunes. Every 20-30 seconds I get a very brief window of opportunity to kill the app, but if I miss that I have to wait another 20-30 seconds. Not even an iPad or iPhone attached.


    Absolutely unusable.


    Come ON Apple!

  • samuelfromok Level 1 Level 1

    Because itunes is crap

  • Manonthebrain Level 1 Level 1

    i too have this problem. after some digging and fiddling i have found that opening itunes in safe mode will help ALOT with performance. the safemode IN ITUNES (*not Win. safemode*) disables the plugins and crap so all you have is music and your ipod/iphone/ect. with nothing to slow you down.


    to open itunes in safe mode:

    1. hold CTRL+SHIFT (if a windows pop-up opens saying to "let this program make changes" KEEP HOLDING the keys and select yes.


    2. now an itunes window will popup and tell you that your plugins are disabled.


    and to get back to regular itunes, simply close it and reopen it like normal. unfortunately you have to do the key commands everytime you want to open in safe mode.

         hope this helps.