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  • townsejl Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi, I just wanted to add my experience to this thread.


    I was having the same issues as everyone else on a new iPad wifi only 64Gb. Tried all the solutions, switching off wifi, locations services, push email and even restoring back to factory setting with no apps installed, but was still getting the 7-9% drain overnight (roughly 8 hours).


    I spoke to Apple phone support who were very helpful but basically said 1% drain per hour in standby was usual, so I was almost ready to give in and just put up with it as a 'feature' of the new iPad. Luckily a couple of days later I was able to compare against a friends new unit and as I expected, his had no drain in standby overnight.


    As my 14 day guarantee was almost up, I decided to book a Genius call and after explaining the situation to the support guy (once again, who was very helpful) he was more than happy to swap the unit over.


    I'm now the proud owner of the device I originally started out to buy - absolutely no drain in standby overnight, no heat issues or wifi problems - basically, really pleased with it.


    The moral of the story is that although the 1% drain per hour maybe within tolerance (and could just possibly be mis-calibration on the battery meter) there are units out there that perform as I would expect out of the box.


    My last comment would be praise for the Apple support - although it is annoying to get what I class as a defective unit, at least they can be bought with the knowledge that Apple will try their best to help the customer ultimately get the device they are after, even if that involves multiple swap-overs.


    Hope this post is useful to someone.




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    Thanks for sharing your experience and insights. 


    Have you re-confirmed that your replacement unit has less battery drain overnight?  (I know you mentioned that was the case, but has it remained that way over the past few days?)  Also, at what rate does the battery drain while you're using the device?  I've noticed a fairly quick decline on mine while browsing etc...  


    I already had to swap my first one out due to a stuck pixel.  Save for the battery drain while in standby, I am pleased with this unit as far as the screen and overall quality.  Was hoping the issue would sort itself out as the battery was "calibrated"/broken in but that hasnt been the case. 


    Looks like another trip to the Apple Store I guess.  Thanks again for filling us in on your experience. 

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    Hello guys , this is my experience with my Ipad:


    My rate is 20% every hour only getting 5 or 6 hours every full charge this is my dsecond unit the first has the same problem I when to best buy and ask for an exchange hope ping to getting what it should come out of the box and here I am again with the same problem, getting only 5 or 6 hours everyday .


    I called apple support and they told me to delete everything , everything and use it and see if it is giving me the same problems and is still doing it, so here I am with my second brand new iPad almost 15 days later with no apps , no music, no pics and I find my self every day only trying to get more life on my battery but not enjoin at all my new toy.


    After all thinks that I been trying is letting get till 0% and then leave it plug for like 16 hours charging I plug it when I go to sleep and then unplug it when I come back from job and the first 10% out of 100% give me 10% on the first hour but after that 90% comes down to 20% every hour or like 10% every 30 min , looks like I over charged it for 16 hours it gets me in the first 10% one hour but then and after that is start going down faster again.


    It looks like I have to go back to best buy and ask for an exchange again but to be honest apple I been wasting my time trying to figure this out pls fix it , I would like to  say that i am sure I will receive from best buy what I am spec ting but is the other way pretty much sure the other replacement will be the same . :(

  • townsejl Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi there.


    I can confirm that the battery is still running perfect. No draining overnight whatsoever and a rate of around 6% per hour when surfing the web on wifi-I'm currently at 74% following my initial charge and that involved probably an hour to restore from my old iPad 2 and then around 4 hours of use, so I'm really happy so far.


    Two things I noticed which may or may not be relevant. My original unit came with 86% charge whereas my new one (and a friends which also doesn't exhibit overnight draining) started at 92%. The other difference was that with the old unit for the initial charge I started charging it at work but then unfortunately had to interrupt it before it got to 100% whereas on the new unit I let it go to 100% and then additionally let it sit on charge for a further two hours.


    Hope you guys manage to get your problems sorted-it definitely sounds like there's some units out there that are not working as optimally as they should-just persevere with Apple support and stand your ground-we have paid hundreds of pounds for these devices so they should work as we expect!






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    Good for you , today I am going to apple and see what they have to say about this I will let u know guys ...

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    Thanks for the extra details.


    I just got back from the Apple store myself.  Managed to exchange mine out for another one (brand new, sealed).  Mine, too, came out of the box with about 94% battery as opposed to roughly 84% on my other one.  Currently restoring my apps and settings, but I'll be sure to let you all know if this unit has better battery performance.  Thanks once again to all who have chimed in. 


    --- Adam

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    Nice , surely is an issue with some iPads wih the battery I will go today again I'll let u all guys know .

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    Hi all!


    I recharged again and it looks fine now. I guess the thing somehow made a backup after I unplugged it or the indicator has some sort of AI going on. Anyway, it looks pretty good now. Been using it on and off for two days and it's > 90% so no worries.

  • ABSjazz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello again everybody.


    I put my replacement unit on standby at about 12:30 am when it had about 64%. Woke up just now 8 hours later and it's down to 52%. Obviously the issue still exists for me. And on top of that my screen has a slight green tint on one side and a slight pink one on the other. Kind of regretting swapping my other one out =/. Oh well, Apple store here I come (again).

  • Jcvallecillo Level 1 (0 points)

    Well well I had a bad time yesterday at best buy trying to explain them the problem I have with my second replacement the manager told me upset that I HAVE to buy a protection plan and i said WHAT? No way I have 30 days and if u r selling me something that is giving problems is not my fault, he said well we r not going to do an exchange any more to u u better talk to apple he said, i was very disappointed and took my 3er iPad to my house, it came with 79% battery life so I suppose it came with the same problem and actually it is, I have the same issue with the battery only 6 or 5 hours battery , what I did was I let it dry to 0% as always and then charge it for 24 hours is a row with out using to see if this help but it doesn't really help at all.


    Now here I am again with no games no music, no pics, no app on my new iPad and still getting 5 to 6 hours battery life and now I don't know where to go to have and exchange .

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    Just adding another update to my saga.


    Had some family members in town and we were out all day from about 10 am to 7 pm.  When I left in the morning, my iPad was showing 51%.  Came home to it at 38%.  Keep in mind that nobody touched it at all during this time.  I honestly don't know what to make of this situation.  I will be going to the Apple store again tomorrow.  As amazing as this new iPad is, I'm definitely starting to regret selling my flawless and extremely reliable iPad 2 that I had previously. 


    I'll be sure to let you all know what the outcome of tomorrow's trip to the Apple store is. 


    Quick question for  Jamie (townsejl):  On your iPad that did have the battery drain issue, did you restore from a previous iPad's backup?  Or was it set up as a brand new empty one?  Same question goes for the replacement that does not have this issue.  Thanks once again!  (Doing as much research and crowd-sourcing as I can before I talk with the "geniuses"). 

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    Hiya mate,


    When I got the first iPad (gen 3) I initially did a restore from a backup of my old iPad 2. Once I then noticed the issues with the battery I tried all of the usual things - removing all email accounts (especially Exchange type ones) and re-setting them up, switching off notifications and location services, but none of these had any effect. On the back of that, I then completely reset the device back to factory defaults (even going so far as to re-installing iOS 5.1). From that point I set the device up as a new device, only logging into my itunes account and not re-installing any apps whatsover, and the battery drain persisted. At this point I knew it had to be something to do with the device and and not a software issue.


    On the new device I did exactly the same, restoring from the iPad 2 backup and I've not seen any of the issues I did on the previous device.


    One thing I've remembered I did slightly different with this second device is that when I initially turned it on, I set it up as a completely new device - all the way through to when you get the 'Start to use your iPad' prompt. Only at that point did I connect it to my pc/itunes and do the restore from my backup. Probably doesn't make any difference, but I thought I'd mention it nevertheless.


    Hope you manage to get it sorted this time round. Give me a shout if you've got any further questions.




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    Thanks once again.  You've been more of a help than you can imagine. 


    Took a trip to the store today and explained the situation and requested an exchange.  They were going to do it, but they were out of stock of the 32gb wifi models in black.  Since there are two other stores within 20 miles or so, I called one and it was the same story there.  Called the third and they said they had plenty in stock.  I told them to make sure beacuse it was a little out of the way and was reassured I could do the exchange there.  Got to that store and they had no stock left.  Was pretty frustrated at that point, but it is what it is. 


    Long story short, I've still got the unit with the battery drain issue.  Will check back tomorrow or wedenesday and hope for the best.  What a day. 


    Interesting note: the girl at the second store asked me what the issue was as they were checking stock.  Told her about the excessive drain in standby and she agreed that it was not normal behavior.

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    I decided to test my new iPad after reading this discussion.  (I have 32 GB wifi black unit). It sat idle for 5 hours today, with no use and the battery didn't deplete at all......stayed at 83% the whole time!

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    Suze17, thanks for the info about your unit.  Posts like yours help us confirm that there is in fact something wrong with some devices and its not just software.  Really hoping I end up with a normally functioning iPad once I swap mine out again.

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