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    I didn't do the method  eph411 recomended, as my draining problem lay somewhere else, I however noticed my drain, and I mean a fully drain, as I had recharded my iPad just 1 day ago, and today it again was discharged to just under 1 percent (as the iPad didn't even display the battery empty icon when trying to boot up).


    So, I went looking and noticed I had left Safari open the day before, which was in the process of updating/syncing the reading list and bookmarks, now this might not be a problem when on WiFi, but my wifi-network was as it turned out not turned on.


    So I went into Settings> Cellular Data> Use Cellular for:

    Reading list, which was turned on, now iCloud documents, iTunes and FaceTime over 3G/4G is, mostly, not a problem but with reading list turned on, is.


    So to everyone, check what you want/have enabled over 3G/4G/LTE. This combined with setting email on fetch or manual should improve battery life. Then onto my iPhone which for the last few weeks has been using HUGE amount of batterylife when listening to streaming radio over the internet, I take my iPhone 5 to work at a place where 3G-signal is low, now what I've discoverd is that when using your iOS device on a weak 3G/4G signal (as is the case in the area I work) with a low download speed, your iPhone/iPad will use more battery to maintain connectivety. In areas where the signalstrength is good and you have a moderatly high download speed, it uses less battery. So If you listen to streaming internet radio, my advise is to do so in areas where there's a good signal. I frequently used up all my battery life on my iPhone, after just 3 hours of continual audio streaming over 3G.

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    Eph411, thanks a lot for pointing iCloud issue. I was struggling from last 10 days with my ipad mini battery and tried everything possible on forums. Only switching off iCloud back up worked. Earlier my ipad battery was draining 5-10% every hour and now it's only 1% on continuous usage. Even I recommend switching iCloud backup for battery drain issue.

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    I have a new Ipad mini, and have been noticing that in the last couple weeks its wont keep charged. I have been noticing that it cant seem to sync with my emails correctly. just started a week ago. a coworker today has said that his Ipad a regular one started having battery problems this week also.


    I charge my Ipad all night, in the morning i check email and facebook nothing crazy It sits on my coffee table all day not being used and when I get home it has 5% battery life. Its less then a year old.

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    I"d suggest that you read up in this thread and look for suggestions that others made. FOr example, when you install iOS6 it defaults to all notifications being on and active and most people need just a few if any at all. You may also have background processes running, apps that are constantly reaching out to get data.


    Look at your e-mail, see if it's set to push or fetch. Push means your iPad is reaching out to the server every few minutes to check for mail, which runs down the battery. But fetch means that it only goes for mail when you tell it to go, which is much more battery efficient.


    There are other suggestions up there that may apply to you.


    If you go through all that and your iPad is still not having good battery life, then you may wish to make an appointment at your local apple store and have them check it out.

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    Thank you for your response, I have had this for 9 months with no issues till now. I did check and notifications were all reset to on. So I turned those off maybe that will help. Other wise all settings are still the same.  Came home today and it was dead, and needed charge. I think I might have to take it in.

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    I might be way late but this post says exactly what is happening to me.

    I had a 16gb iPad air and I recall it took 45min to get to 98% and now I exchanged it with a 32gb iPad air and the battery drains in 15 min to 98% this is really strange

    I'm currently at 78% usage is 4hours 27min standby is 11hours 47min

    I've been on YouTube surfing the web Facebook email Instagram aka padgram listening to music while doing all this on speakers not headphones ive been using iMessage rarely use my own iPhone 5s at home now I mostly use my ipad I only use my iPhone when I'm out of the home

    Does that usage above look good to any of you?

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