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I have been using my iphone 4s for couple of months and it has worked fine both with wi-fi and 3G utill three days ago when the 3G suddenly stopped working. The status bar still shows the 3G icon when cellular data is turned on, but it doesnt respond to any data app or browser.

I have tried resetting the Network settings and restarting the phone and it still wouldn't work. I know my carrier is fine because for other people the 3G works well. Any idea how to fix a similar problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Try restting the Cache and History in Safari settings. Failing that pop the SIM into another 4S on the same network and see if the problem follows the SIM. If it does it is either that the SIM has developed a fault or your account is restricted for wahtever reason and in both instances you'll need to contact your carrier

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    I have restored my phone and still the problem persists. However I have not tried another SIM on my phone yet, will check that as well. If there is any other possible solution for the 3G suddenly not working, please reply.

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    The other option could be if you have an unlocked iPhone and your carrier doesn't support it. In the new update there was carrier support updates included so that only supporting networks would be able to accept the iPhone, so it could be that

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    I bought the IPHONE 4S and the same problem happened. The store changed my mobile for the third time and for now I still using the old version of IOS. Until now my 3G is working very well, so the problem is the new version of IOS.

    My problem is how to backup my contacts and configuration for this new mobile.