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I’m using Pages ’08 and working with a neat, layered, grouped graphic. There are three layers: a dark background graphic, a lighter middle graphic, and white text in a text box on top. All three use the exact same dimensions and are stacked one on top of the other for a total of three layers, grouped. None of the layers cause wrap.


I’d like to select one of the graphics to edit the color and find that I cannot do it without ungrouping the items, moving the text layer out of the way, applying the new color, putting the text layer back in place, and then regrouping everything. It seems like unnecessary steps. It seems as if I should be able to use a modifier key and do a series of clicks to activate the layer that I want, much like when I used QuarkXPress and InDesign. Is there a similar key stroke in Pages?


The user’s manual says “To select a floating object that’s behind text, place the pointer outside the text area, press the Command key, and then drag across the page until the object’s selection handles appear.” That doesn’t solve my concern, though.


I've attached a sample of what my graphic looks like. It would be great if there were key strokes to use. If not I'll have to go back to each instance of the graphic and make changes to each one.


Please let me know if you have an idea of how to make this work.