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Good day all


I would like to know if you can rearrange the Menu on the Apple TV with the new interface??

I don't use all the feature and would like to know if there is a way to customize then in a order that I would like more and would be easer for me??



I have the Apple TV second Gen the 720P with the latest versionn of the OS on it. that was updated about 1-2 weeks ago.



thank you for all your help !!

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.1, 2Gen 720P output
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    No, you can't do so, though parental controls will disable some features.


    I think we've needed more show/hide type customisations for some time to simplify the menu system.


    For example I rarely use YouTube and don't use Flickr/Vimeo at all, nor teh US sports streams that are of little interest to me - I'd love to hide most of the clutter I don't use, and be able to rearrange the rest.  Pre icon interface at least had things in column based  categories, whereas now they're just consecutive items.


    Send feedback here:




    I don't think you'd be alone in doing so!

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    I know this was originally posted quite awhile back, but you can indeed now do this with the latest Apple TV update (5.X). The hiding of menu apps can be done within the Parental Controls area under General (look towards the bottom half). You can also rearrange the menu icons. Here is the Apple Knowledge Base article detailing: