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I want to upgrade an older iMac (Intel) to Lion
I  am running SnowLeopard.

I want to keep Snow Leopard for some apps. (Too many very expensive apps that may have issues on Lion).


Question: What's my best strategy to upgrade to Lion while keeping SnowLeopard on one iMac?

I've done this in the past, but am out of touch with best current practice.

I doubt its changed, but it never hurts to ask!


I'd wait for Mountain Lion, but I believe that won't be available until after MobileMe goes away. Don't know how it will run on a 2GHz Core 2 Duo.

I have limited room available on my iMac, in the past I'd run on a tower, but that's not the case today.


This is really about adding iCloud to MobileMe.

The iPad 3 has another acct - I don't want to lose the email addresses, etc which are part of MobileMe

& I don't think I can justify purch of a new machine before the changeover.


Sorry, if that's a bit of a complicated scenario. This could actually fit with MobileMe forum...

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Provided your internal hard drive has sufficient free space, partition it into two volumes.


    Use one, the oroiginal, for Snow Leopard booting.


    The other, use for Lion. Clone the Snow Leopard volume to it, boot to it, then install Lion on it.


    I have my internal drive partitioned into four volumes. One volume has Snow Leopard, the others have various versions of Lion. The machine boots to any of them as I choose, using Startup Disk (in System Preferences) to select the one I want to boot to next. I could also use Startup Manager (hold down Option during booting) to select a volume for booting.

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    Thanks much. Sounds like the same situation as always - partition.


    I have 2 partitions now, one as an NTFS partition to run Windows when I must, as a hard boot.


    That one, I think requires reformatting the entire drive, but I should be able to slide another one

    out of the current Snow Leopard partition as its HFS+, I think.


    Or else have to clone it to an external drive before repartitioning... (not my favorite option).


    My problem is that space issue.

    I'm on an iMac as my main machine these days.

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    CroMagnum wrote:



    My problem is that space issue.

    I'm on an iMac as my main machine these days.

    This is where you need to make the decision on whether to upgrade your harddrive, a pretty easy DYI if you are out of warrenty and have patience, or whether you would prefer to boot one of the systems from an external drive. Probable, cost wise, there is not much difference, but time wise in setting up, well, that is a personal decision.


    Good Luck