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Hello Everyone,


I want to know what my options are. What should I expect to be done tomorrow?


I recently exchanged my iPod about 10 days ago at the Apple Store. I paid about $87 USD dollars to replace my old iPod Touch 4G that I had for about a year because the battery worn out. Couldn't hold a charge anymore, so they gave me a replacement identical device for the price listed above. Battery problem is over and the new item works amazingly well, untill today..


I protect my electronics like the children I never had... My iPod touch literally is protected ALL OVER, there is an ZAGG invisible shield in the back of it (prevents back from getting scratched), which I paid $27 dollars for and there is a front screen protector that I paid another 15 bucks for along with a case that I spent about 32 dollars on. so thats a total of 150.00 on an iPod touch.


So i was walking back to work from my lunch break, and I take the brand new 10 day old iPod touch 4G and then I noticed the screen is cracked internally. I was blown away because my iPod Touch is inside a case and it is protected all over, the device is barely exposed. The screen appears white and totally disfunctional, the touch functions work however the screen itself is all white and just unusable. The LCD screen had totally failed. When on the screen is totally white.


This is truly ridiculous. I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment at a different Apple Store other than the one I got it for ASAP because unfortunately the one where I got it from is booked until Wednesday and I use my device profusely and its a necessity for me and for my job. (I use it for E-mails and etc...)


So what are the odds that they'll replace the iPod Touch FREEof charge? Because I JUST spent roughly $150.00 (iPod Touch + Cases and Accessories) to replace my older iPod touch for this new refurbished one. I have my reciept how likely will they replace it? Its funny because I asked if they could protect my device with the Apple Care Protection Plan and they told me that the Apple Care Protection cannot be applied on refurbished items, which is ridiculous. They said that the replacement iPod Touch is only covered for 90 days.


BTW there is no Physical Damage whatsoever on the device, in fact if you saw it you couldn't even anything even happened to it thats, how protected it is. There are no scratches or scuffs or anything as it was in a case since I brought it and it was protected with the invisible shield on the back of the unit, (which is another loss BTW because the Invisible Shield cannot be taken off and reused again...), gah, this is so frustrating...



Thanks So Much In Advance Guys! 


I'm so sorry for the attitude but i'm just really angry and in disbelief that this even occured....



iPod touch, iOS 5.1
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    They will most likely just replace your refurbished touch with another refurbished one if they believe that it was not your fault the screen is cracked. My word of advice is that if you're going to buy refurbished devices next time, don't spend so much on accessories. It's never worth spending more money than what you paid for the device. If I were you I'd just buy a brand new iPod touch and get AppleCare for it. That way you know it is brand new and you're covered for the next two years.

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    I hope so, but this really stinks because now I have to spend more money on another invisible shield. How much do you think I would have to pay to get a brand NEW iPod Touch 4G?

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    You would most probably have to pay full price for a brand new one but you never know. I've heard many stories about people walking into Apple stores with broken iPhone screens and walking out with a brand new one. Is the iPod touch the first Apple device you've ever bought?

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    Absolutely Not, In Fact I've owned 4 different iPod Touches. None of them except for this current one I got 10 days ago had such a short lifespan...


    Here is a timeline:


    (4 Different Serial Numbers, including the current one with the screen failure..)


    December 2008 - iPod Touch 2G 16GB ($299.99 BRAND NEW)

    March 2009 - iPod Touch 2G ( FREE Replacement due to Screen Yellowing)

    December 2010 - iPod Touch 2G Replacement from March 2009 Sold on eBay

    December 2010 - iPod Touch 4G 32GB ($299.99 BRAND NEW)

    March 17, 2012 - iPod Touch 4G ($79 Replacement due to Battery Life)



    March 27, 2012 - iPod Touch 4G (Replacement due to Screen Failure) (Fifth Overall Device if Replaced..)


    So if they replace this one tomorrow, it will be my fifth overall device. So i'm essentially a loyal customer. I hope they do something...

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    Hi Vlad, I am sorry for your troubles with this amazing device.

    I have a weird story too, I have looked and looked in the web and nothing, your is the closer one to what has happend to my ipod touch 4g.

    My original ipod touch died in the ocean with my girl friend in my arms. was her who bought for me.

    I went to the apple store, paid $149 for a refurbished one the first week od this April, that was fast!

    The same day I started to see a dark shadow(not black screen) in the screen, well, I thought was normal since was not new, other things I notify was that the home button wasnt responding as in the old one, but I did let it go. I place the rubber case(simple one, covers back and surround the front screen) that used with the old one, and it did not cover well the upper left corner wich was kind of misterious since is the same device. I kept adjusting the ruber to fix the whole screen and when I also when using the home button the black shadow did get more intense and difusse.

    I left USA 4 days after. Two days after that I kept adjusting over and over the rubber to the front screen until I bring our the ipod of the rubber case. oh noooo! I saw  the screen was out of its place,  eject by something inside.in the back of the screen, say this because when I tried to push it back it couldnt stay there, and since then this pushin from the back is worst and faster until the whole screen has come out from its place, by now the whole screen is in the air, an aluminum layer in the back of the screen has pop at the level of the screen limit, it seems like something where the battery is place is inflated and now the home is not working anymore because of the pressure of the inflation. I use a lot the ipod for my  work too(formulas, etc)

    I would have to mail the broken ipod touch and theycould think that the damage is provocated by the user, when is not. it probably started to fail a day after I got it, no falls, no bad treat. seems like I am the first with this.

    please, would you tell me how it happend to you. because dont want to spend money mailing the ipod from out side of USA for nothing. and if anyone has any idea of my option. thanks and sorry for making it long.

    thank you.