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I have just tried to backup and update my iphone to iOS 5.1. The backup seems to have worked but when it came to restoring the iphone, I think the hard disk ran out of space and so it failed. I saw this and so I freed up around 3Gb of disk space and I tried it again. It again failed. Again I noticed that there was no space left on the hard disk. I assumed that to continue the restore it probably won't need that much more space (as it had already done most of the work) so I freed up a few more Gb.


Again it failed. When it fails, itunes leaves the partially restored elements on my hard disk meaning that my 'Apple Computer' folder is now 28Gb!! I cannot afford to delete anything else from the hard disk. I am using a PC by the way. I have noticed that in the folder 'Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup' has 5 folders in it which is the same amount that I tried to restore the iphone (before the last restore attempt there were 4 folders). These folders amount to 20Gb. From this I am assuming that the actual backup that I made is infact in 'Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Backups'.


Can I delete the folders in 'MobileSync\Backup'? This would free up 20Gb of disk space giving me enough to properly restore (in theory!).


Thanks for your time!!



iPhone 4, Windows XP