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I've read few articles about the battery and its charging in the New iPad and also few threads (here and on the other forums) and I'm a bit confused.

What is the correct way of charging the New iPad? Can I plug it in at the evening, when it has for example 60% and charge it over night (approximately 6-7 hours)? Will this harm the battery or is it ok? Or should I unplug it immediately after it shows 100%? Is there some official Apple article about charging batteries?


For iPad 2, I've read that when the battery is fully charged, the ipad disconnects the batery so it won't be overcharged. Is it the same for the New iPad?


Thanks for any idea, advice or a likn:)

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    If it needs to be charged, or you want to charge it, plug it in. When you are ready to use it, or take it with when you leave, unplug it. It really is that simple.


    And stop reading the "battery" threads. They are mostly rubbish.

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    haha, sure I will do that. But I'm a bit confused about the lenght of charging. Is it ok for the battery if the iPad will be still plugged in for few more hours, when it reached 100%?


    Lets say I'm going to sleep and I plug the iPad to the charger. About midnight it's 100% charged but I'll leave it plugged until 6am, when I wake up. Is it ok for the battery?

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    This article mentioned that the iPad continue to charge for another 2 hours and 10 minutes after reaching 100%


    http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/batterygate-apples-ipad-fibbing-battery-charger/72 302

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    The quickest way (and really the only way) to charge your iPad is with the included 10W USB Power Adapter. iPad will also charge, although more slowly, when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port (many recent Mac computers) or with an iPhone Power Adapter (5W). When attached to a computer via a standard USB port (most PCs or older Mac computers) iPad will charge very slowly (but iPad indicates not charging). Make sure your computer is on while charging iPad via USB. If iPad is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the iPad battery will continue to drain.


    Apple recommends that once a month you let the iPad fully discharge & then recharge to 100%. It's OK to leave it connected to the AC charger after it reaches 100%.


    At this link http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/galaxy-tab-android-tablet,3014-11.html , tests show that the iPad 2 battery (25 watt-hours) will charge to 90% in 3 hours 1 minute. It will charge to 100% in 4 hours 2 minutes. The new iPad has a larger capacity battery (42 watt-hours), so using the 10W charger will obviously take longer. If you are using your iPad while charging, it will take even longer. It's best to turn your new iPad OFF and charge over night. Also look at The iPad's charging challenge explained http://www.macworld.com/article/1150356/ipadcharging.html


     Cheers, Tom