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I just purchased the new iPad. It is so great !!! I also have an iMac (21,5 inch, mid 2011) an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S.

Apple has won me as a customer, with its great products.

Now, what I am trying to do is use Apple Wireless bluetooth keyboard that came with my iMac and is now paired with it, with my new iPad.

On iMac, I went to settings and removed the keyboard. Then, on iPad I swtch on bluetooth, but keyboard is not detectable. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I didn't have to unpair from my MacBook Pro in order to pair with my New iPad, but I did have to power the MacBook Pro off (not just sleep it). The keyboard didn't show up reliably in the Bluetooth settings, and once it did, tappin on it resulted in a "pairing failed" message a time or two, but eventually I got the message that the keyblard would like to pair with my iPad. I entered the 4-digit pairing code on the keyboard and it paired successfully. Then I started my MacBook Pro and the keyboard wouldn't work with it until I powered off the iPad and hit the power button on the keyboard. At that point it started working with the MacBook Pro. My keyboard now works with my MacBook Pro, my older MacBook, or my New iPad, seemingly depending on which one it finds first when I power it up. Of course if I'm only in range of one of them, that's the one it will pair with - but it "remembers" all three; I don't have to enter any codes.