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--instructions in Apple help files for finding missing clips:--



To find the source video for a clip in your project:

In the Project browser, select the video clip whose source you want to locate.



Choose View > “Reveal in Event Browser”; the View menu appears in a light gray bar across the top of your computer screen.



The source video for the selected video clip in your project is outlined in yellow.



of course, if the source clip is missing, this process only brings up a greyed-out menu bar under View. so you can't figure out WHAT THE @$#*@#*$ imovie is looking for. what is the name of the missing source clip? where does iMovie want you to put it if you can find a copy? and how many times do i have to post this question?




elsewhere, people say to hover over the yellow exclamation point to find info about the source file.


hovering over the yellow exclamation point on my iMovie shows a date. that's all. no folder or file names, no paths. this is such @#$:@#.



and has Apple noticed that thousands and thousands of people on its support site and the rest of the internet are posting the same questions? perhaps this is an indication that 1) iMovie and its interface were not adequately spruced up for a whole new release that some of us wasted our money actually *buying*  and/or 2) that Mac support is doing a horrible job of addressing these basic questions and ensuring that people can get at the relevant information.


iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)