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I am trying to sync pages documents between my Pages Desktop and my Pages for the iPad, in both directions.


If, from desktop I save a Pages document in the Library>Mobile Documents>Documents, it appears nicely my Pages for the iPad using iCloud.


I can open it, edit it, and save it. It goes straight to the iCloud again.


But then, I can't keep editing in Pages desktop. The original .pages document no longer exists.


So my question is: is it possible to start a Pages document in Desktop, continuing editing it in Pages for iPad, and then back to desktop to keep working on it? Seamlessly through iCloud of course?


Thank you,



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    Yes sure.. otherwise I couldn't be using iCloud on my MacBook Pro... thanks for the link but I guess my question is not so basic at all

  • Peggy Level 8 (38,635 points)

    Apple has not updated the desktop versions of the iWork apps to use iCloud for syncing of documents. Until they do you have to use in a web browser or iTunes to sync files. Automatic syncing with iCloud only applies to iOS devices.



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    This is SO crazy, given the promo for iCloud that says ALL devices and Macs are in perfect sync via iCloud. The truth - at this point - isn't  pretty. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the future (the NEAR future, I hope).

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    Actually - you do not have to be running Lion in order to use iCloud on your Mac. I am running 10.4.11 on my iMac at work and I can access my iworks documents in the Safari browser in iCloud. You have to download the documents from your account to the Mac desktop - so there really is no actual "seamless syncing" of documents on the Mac.


    It is a process of syncing the iPad files to iCloud and then downloading the updated file to the Mac - sort of a pain for something that is so highly touted, and especially from the company that claims "it just works".

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    It seems it might with Mountain Lion which is not far away.


    I agree Apple has been deceptive, but in Australia they maintained the 4G plastered all over their packaging and advertising for their latest iPhone when they are not using the Australian 4G network. Samsung is.



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    Yes, I can't believe this. At Apple's iCloud page it says


    "With iCloud, the documents you create stay up to date across all your devices — automatically. You don’t have to remember to upload your work to a special folder, or browse a cluttered file system to find it again. Your documents are right there in your app, completely up to date and ready whenever you need them. Which means you can easily access the latest versions anytime on whatever device you happen to be using at the time."


    This is just blatantly a lie! In fact, I DO have to browse a cluttered file system, my up-to-date documents are NOT 'right there' in Pages, and I thought Apple would include my Apple MacBook Pro in their use of the term "all your devices"!


    Apple, honestly. I can't believe you guys haven't been truthful with this. It's blatantly misleading. Shame on you.


    On top of that, if I go through all the trouble of downloading a document from iCloud and then editing on my Mac, I THEN have to delete the original from iCloud and manually upload the new version from my Mac. This is just shocking. Google Docs has done a far better and more timely job on this. C'mon guys.

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    This appears to have been fixed with Mountain Lion, released today along with the Pages v4.2 update.


    I have not had a chance to install ML and the Pages update, so am only going on Macworld's reports.



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    You are only "talking" to other users here, not Apple. If you want Apple to "hear" you, go to Apple feedback & leave comments for each of the areas that concern you.


    As long as you have iCloud enabled, have upgraded to Mountain Lion on your Macs & have updated the iWork apps on your Macs & iOS devices, you do not need to "browse a cluttered file system." Choose File > Open & click iCloud to open a file from there or On My Mac to open files you haven't moved.


    In experimenting with this new to Pages feature, I find that the mobile documents is selected by default for new documents but you can change to another folder.



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    Thanks for the update Peggy. I'm downloading Mountain Lion now—if it works as expected it will be a welcome improvement.


    I certainly hope Apple reads their official support forums. I don't think it's out of order to discuss how their advertising hasn't matched reality on a relevant thread asking about it.

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    The message may filter back, but Apple denies any involvement here.


    Maybe somebody in Marketing or PR has had the stroke of genius to monitor the forums, but they are too numerous with way too many posts for any one person to even lightly skim over.


    I stick with mostly just this forum and that takes up a heck of a lot of time, even keeping it in the background on my desktop.


    Am looking forward to playing with dictation in Mountain Lion, that could be way cool if it works.



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    FYI I just installed new Mountain Lion on my Mac, and updated Pages both on the Mac and iPad and...

  just works nicely!


    I save changes in the Cloud now in a document on Pages for Mac and seamlessly and automatically appears in the Pages for iPad and vice versa.


    This is just what I was looking for, since ever!


    Remember: update system to 10.8 (ML), and Pages both on desktop and iPad.





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    Yep same for me — upgrade to Mountain Lion (which is awesome), and upgrade Pages, Numbers & Keynote on BOTH Mac and iOS devices. Works a charm. Thank God, what a lifesaver.


    Sync seems to work perfectly.

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    I'm having the same problem Chris was having? I downloaded Mountain Lion today and was able to sync between my iphone and icloud. But, these changes don't affect the orginal pages document in my computer. How do I fix this? I think I have the updated version of pages.

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