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I have i-life '11 and an imac. I am trying to add one song from itunes to my 4 minute long i-movie. I have read several imovie help tutorials and nothing helps. When I choose the audio/music icon, there is supposed to be an arrow next to the itunes icon I can click on to choose which song I want, but there is no arrow. Just the itunes icon. When I click on the icon nothing helps me. I can ony get help from apple if I pay $60 for phone support. Can anyone help me?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I don't want to be overly simplistic, but just thought I would ask if when you click the music note icon in iMovie, do you then see folders for iMovie sound effects, iLife sound effects, Garage Band and iTunes?   If so, is there a triangle next to iTunes with the point of the triangle aiming toward the word iTunes?  Click the triangle and it will rotate 90 degrees, revealing your iTunes library and playlists.  Then click on the song you want and drag it to where you want it to play in your movie project.  The barely-visible white gear icon on the green song strip will allow you to trim the clip or adjust the duration of the fade in and fade out of the song.


    Hope this helped.  I know that you said you don't have an arrow, but the triangle doesn't actually look like an arrow.

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    I was referring to the triangle as an arrow. My imovie music/sound effects has an arrow next to sound effects and garage band, but not next to itunes, which is why I can't access any of my itunes songs. Can anyone help me access my itunes songs? I made sure my itunes had all udpates installed, and my imovie is imovie '11 so everyhting is recent.

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    Sorry.  Hopefully someone will come along as I have not encountered that problem (yet).


    Just curious--if you were to try to create a slideshow in iPhoto, is iTunes also missing there?  Just pick an event, click create, then slideshow.  Once in slideshow, click the music note.  I just went in to try it as I never use iPhoto's slideshow and iTunes appears there also with the entire library listed.  Knowing if iTunes is inacessible in both programs might help identify the problem.  Sorry I am of no help. 

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    Yes, when I create a slideshow in iphoto, and go to music, there is the icon for itunes and itunes playlists but nosongs are listed.


    Does anyone else know why there is no triangle next to the itunes icon in my imovie music/sound effects? (itunes songs unavailable). Thanks!

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    Now I am having the same issue and I have to wonder if you were ever able to resolve your issue? I cannot seem to access the iTunes library from my iMovie project. No arrow for iTunes, yes, the triangle. Can anyone help ??