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William Damon Level 1 (55 points)

I used to have two calendars in icloud.  I deleted one, leaving only a single calendar there.


In the past, when I got an email with an .ics attachment, it would just open up ical and add that entry to ical to the calendar that I deleted (which was not set as my default calendar in icloud, by the way.)


Now, I get a message that says "The server responded with an error:  https://p02-caldav.cloud.com:443/12199685/principal/ is not a location that supports ths request." 


My choices are to "Go Offline" or "Revert to Server".


It seems like icloud is looking for the default calendar (which should be easy to find, since there is only one) and for some reason does not recognize that calendar as the principal calendar?


Any suggestions?